Knox Says Prosecution Failed to Give Victim's Family Answers

Former college student discusses life since her acquittal and gives a message to victim's family.
7:03 | 05/01/13

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Transcript for Knox Says Prosecution Failed to Give Victim's Family Answers
And now to amanda knox, here exclusively on "gma" for her first ever live interview. As you know six years ago she was a college student studying abroad in italy. Her life changed forever when her roommate, meredith kercher, was killed and amanda was first convicted of the crime. She spent four years behind bars before an appeals court set her free but just last month she learned her ordeal is not over yet. Amanda's memoir, "waiting to be heard," was just released yesterday and it's nice to have amanda here with live this morning. It's a morning after, after the interview that millions of people watched and your book is out. How are you doing this morning? I'm so grateful to be here. I am so grateful to have this chance and I really, really hope that people will read it because I poured my heart into it and i gave it everything I had. It was very important to you to write it yourself and I got an advance copy over the weekend and to be honest I thought, I'll just skim through it to be prepared for this interview and I ended up reading it word for word. It's a very thoughtful, very straightforward -- you don't sugar coat anything. You talk about usingdrugs. You talk about your sexual encounters. You said you were waiting to be heard. What is it that you wanted people to hear most from you? Wow. I wanted people to know who i was, because I felt that I was lost in the middle of this storm and I was taken over and i wanted people to know precisely what it is I went through and precisely what I was thinking at every moment and I wanted -- i wanted to give what I was able to get out of it to the people who read it. It was so important for me to be honest. There's no use to me writing this if I wasn't completely honest and completely bare and i felt like I've been laid bare for so long that I'm -- I'm only happy to give that and hopeful hopefully -- and hopefully make a difference. The reaction to the interview has been mixed. There's some people who did not know about the dna evidence that there was none there and how you explain that. Yeah. And there were others that were -- your -- your emotion or lack thereof and you said it in the interview with diane that no one knows until you're put in a situation but people kind of think how they should act. How do you respond to that when peoplehere are some people that are just not going to be convinced? Well, that's -- it's the greatest hurdle that I've had to come across in speaking to people and defending myself because until you're in a situation that is as incredibly surreal and overwhelming and tragic as I was in finding out that my friend was murdered and then being interrogated so aggressively and then being put through this huge trial like i had to learn how to deal with it as I went through it. I was 20. I was in this foreign country. I barely spoke the language and my friend was murdered and I had never in my life experienced anything -- anything similar and I was clueless all the way through and I just had to learn to survive. What is your life like now? It's beautiful at the end of the book that you had a list of things you wanted to do if you got out of jail and things that you were going to do if you stayed in jail. So what is life like now for you? Oh, god, I'm so -- I'm so incredibly grateful for life right now. I'm close to my family. I have my own place. I have a wonderful boyfriend. I have wonderful friends. I go to school. I go to -- udub. Udub. And I have great teachers, very sympathetic friends that i met at the udub. I'm doing great. I really am. It's incredible to feel that again because I felt so stunted and so limited and so hated for so long and it's nice not to have to have that all the time. You mention your family. They're up in the green room. They are. Right now and you became quite emotional when you were talking to diane about your family and the guilt that you felt for the sacrifice. They were there every single day, even if they couldn't see you. Looking at your life before and after this ordeal, how were you different? How are you the same? One of the things that i struggled with the most when i came back was the fact that i wasn't the same person anymore and I almost felt like I was disappointing my family because of how serious and almost -- i almost couldn't get out of my head when I first came home, that's where -- that was the only thing that I had left in prison was my own mind and that's where I hid myself inside of myself and I've slowly been coming out which is great and still the same person. I'm just a little more sober. Somber. Four years in jail will do that. Meredith kercher, her family overnight released a statement and they said they're not going to read the book. That they are waiting to be heard and that their beloved, meredith, is the victim. What do you say to the kercher family. Meredith kercher is the vic. Meredith kercher died and her family deserves answers. The prosecution didn't give that to them. I still hope they'll read my book because in it I talk about meth. I talk about the relationship i had with her and that is the little amount that I can give them of her but I also want them to be able to come away with my perspective because if they -- they're seeking answers, and they deserve to have answers, and I give every answer that i can in my book. It's the first way that I can reach out to them and I really hope that we can connect one day. I know you've been trying to. Amanda knox, thank you. Thank you so much. For being here and joining us and you can read an excerpt of amanda's book at goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! "Waiting to be heard."

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{"id":19081609,"title":"Knox Says Prosecution Failed to Give Victim's Family Answers","duration":"7:03","description":"Former college student discusses life since her acquittal and gives a message to victim's family.","url":"/GMA/video/amanda-knox-interview-2013-gma-prosecution-failed-give-19081609","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}