Amanda Knox Lawyer: There Is No Evidence, Never Was

Ted Simon discusses the Italian Supreme Court's decision to overturn Knox's acquittal.
2:43 | 03/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amanda Knox Lawyer: There Is No Evidence, Never Was
since the news broke. Thanks. More from amanda knox's attorney ted simon. Good morning, ted. Thank you for joining us. You broke the news to amanda this morning. How did she take it? Well, let's clear. Carlo dalla vedova broke the news to amanda. It was painful. She's issued a statement it was very painful to receive that difficult news. We were certainly hopeful that the supreme court would simply affirm the correct ruling of the appellate court but let's be very clear here. There was never any evidence in this case and whatever evidence was reviewed was considered absent, knopf exist tent, unreliable or simply inaccurate and that has not changed. Why are they saying there should be a retrial. They're not exactly saying that. They're sending it back for revision and review. She still remains not guilty. Nothing has changed. There never was any evidence of her guilt and there never will be any evidence of her guilt. So all this is is sending back for revision and we have to wait for the specific directives from the supreme court as to the basis of their ruling. So what is next for amanda? Will she return to italy for the trial? And let's be clear about that too. Both amanda and the family have always abided by all rules and regulations and the rule of law. And in this particular case to the extent it's being sent back for revision, her appearance is not required. So we're many, many, you know -- there's a great deal of time that will elapse. This case will continue to be forward. She remains strong and vigilant and one thing we can say about amanda and her family they have showed an unquestioned resilience and fortitude and courage in the face of these absolutely unjustified allegations. There simply is no evidence. There never was. In never will be. You point out the legal steps. If amanda is, indeed, convicted in this retrial and that is upheld by the italian supreme court, italy could extradite her. Would you then petition the united states government to block theextradition? Yeah,again, let's be clear. All we have is the party being sent back for revision in the appellate court and they will review it. There's no reason to believe even upon that review there will be anything other than a finding of not guilt. But if there is something different than that, it will be appealed back to the supreme court of italy. Where we hope there also would be a favorable ruling. Questions of extradition are really not within the legal landscape at this point of time. But I can assure you the family as we as amanda will abide by the rule of law as they always have. Ted simon, thank you very much.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"Ted Simon discusses the Italian Supreme Court's decision to overturn Knox's acquittal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18812415","title":"Amanda Knox Lawyer: There Is No Evidence, Never Was","url":"/GMA/video/amanda-knox-retrial-italian-court-overturns-acquittal-case-18812415"}