Knox Reportedly Reveals Sexual Harassment in Memoir

A British tabloid is reporting that Amanda Knox's memoir says she was harassed while behind bars.
2:41 | 04/15/13

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Transcript for Knox Reportedly Reveals Sexual Harassment in Memoir
We begin with the amanda knox story. Two weeks to before her book hits stores, shocking details about her life emerging. Good morning, neal. Reporter: George, good morning. If the tidbits leaking out and intense interest are any indication, amanda knox's new book could be a blockbuster. Inside the hundreds of pages of amanda knox's memoir, "waiting to be hear," will be claims that she was sexually harassed by guards. He would some mon her for chitchats alone in his office at night. In the book, knox reportedly expands on letters she wrote to friends obtained by british tabloids, saying the guard was fixated on the topic of sex, asking about her partners and if she would have sex with him. She is quoted at saying, I was so surprised and scandal ized. The man has since retired and denied the allegations. Obviously, to hit on a prisoner with no power when you're man as a prison official with enormous power is very, very scary for a young woman. Reporter: Knox also reportedly writes about a female inmate who wanted to start a lesbian affair. Huh how she was falsely told by officials that she was hiv positive. And her reaction to the hate campaign that fold her release. The defendant has been acquitted. Reporter: Her stunning release was a year and a half ago, after her conviction for the murder of her former roommate was overturned. My family is the most important thing to me. Reporter: Weeks ago, she learned the supreme court ordered a thank you trial. The story of her ordeal will be released as the real-life ending remains in doubt. Within the italian people, there's still that feeling that she's a spoiled rich kid who decided to kill her roommate for kicks. This is ludicrous. Reporter: Amidst the attention, knox keeps a low profile. Diane sawyer's exclusive prime time hour with amanda knox AIRS ON APRIL 30th. Now to the bizarre story

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{"id":18956317,"title":"Knox Reportedly Reveals Sexual Harassment in Memoir","duration":"2:41","description":"A British tabloid is reporting that Amanda Knox's memoir says she was harassed while behind bars.","url":"/GMA/video/amanda-knox-sexual-harrassment-claim-book-reveals-jailhouse-18956317","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}