Amazon agrees to refund for youth app purchases

Amazon has agreed to pay $70 million to families whose children bought things off the Amazon app while playing free games.
1:54 | 04/05/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amazon agrees to refund for youth app purchases
Some good news for parents if you children have made unauthorized purchases on your Amazon apt. You may soon be able to get a refund and our chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis here. With the details and Rebecca paying good morning and we've seen this all the time we're hearing all of these stories will now Amazon is agreeing to pay out seventy million dollars. To families whose kids and pop things off the app while they were playing three games the FTC says Amazon didn't warned parents that the free games could do that. We've seen Google instant and an apple settle similar claims and they all say they've updated. They're programs but ultimately all this company's. They want to do business online and make it easy to buy the problem with. Is when it's so easy your kids playing on the phone or tablet so for consumers it can cause real headaches even Kanye West. Has granted against this I'm Twitter. This really going after the game company is that put in app purchases in kids' games tweeting we can't the iPad two our child and every five minutes there's a chess. Not exactly the call this story ever told. But how could they be so heartland and I. I'm Bob. I'm need to get serious exactly and we've all heard the story about the kid who ordered the gulf of with the bird to a permanently live then yeah. I I. He does so we we hear about this all the time yet yeah elects I've been in the room with an elect some before and she starts responding you're not exactly anticipating it well for parents. There is some good news all you have to do is return the product he go through the typical returns processed. And for parents who want to add an additional layer of security you can set up a confirmation code through the elects apt. For man on its gonna ask you for the echoed make sure that you're actually on board with buying whatever. Now let's ahead on this yesterday and made my nation to both my daughter since she can't get away we didn't. Figure a way around yeah. It's a lot apparently happening here that make you so much Rebecca.

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{"duration":"1:54","description":"Amazon has agreed to pay $70 million to families whose children bought things off the Amazon app while playing free games.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46589737","title":"Amazon agrees to refund for youth app purchases","url":"/GMA/video/amazon-agrees-refund-youth-app-purchases-46589737"}