Amazon insider reveals hottest Black Friday deals

Amazon's senior public relations manager, Lori Torgerson, shares details on "GMA" about Amazon's best deals and most popular items.
2:40 | 11/24/17

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Transcript for Amazon insider reveals hottest Black Friday deals
Dan and Becky, thank you. For more online Black Friday deals we are joined by Amazon's senior p,manager, Lori Torgerson, Lori joining us. Hi. How are you? We're seeing traditional brick and mortar stores are trying to get everybody to come in the store. But why is online better? Nothing beats the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your own home and Amazon is offering incredible deals all throughout the holiday season and particularly during what we call the Turkey five so popular shopping days kicked off yesterday on Thanksgiving, running all the way through cyber Monday. You're going to find some of the best deals of the year at Amazon. The Turkey five. I've only heard that for the first time this morning. I want you to tell us about some of your best deals. I have a bunch of things in my cart waiting to check out. What are some? you'll find more than 30 deals of the day and thousands of lightning deals across toys, electronics, kitchen gadgets and that includes deals from small businesses and entrepreneurs all across the country. And so today we're offering up to 40% off select underarmour apparel and offering almost half off a nespresso machine and off Melissa and Doug toys and furniture and 30% off a segway minipro. Some of the deals you'll find. What are some of your biggest sellers right now? So coming off big shopping day on Thanksgiving, we saw Alexa enabled devices were among the best-seller list and also saw the Keurig was wildly popular among Amazon customers and that's what we're seeing so far. We'll see what happens today for Black Friday. I want to talk about cyber Monday. You mentioned the Turkey five. Cyber Monday is just around the corner. With all these deals, does it mean anything anymore. Absolutely. Last year on cyber Monday Amazon customers ordered more than 64 million items worldwide which is a record breaking 740 items per second. So if that's any indication of how popular cyber Monday shopping is, I think we're in for quite a busy day Monday. You're probably going to be shipping hundreds of millions of packages this holiday season. Are they going to arrive in time for Christmas? Absolutely. So I know that that is of the utmost importance to Amazon customers all throughout the year and especially during the busy holiday season. Rest assured we are working with our carrier partners across the country and increased delivery capacity with our own fleet of cargo trucks and planes to make sure the packages arrive on your doorstep right on time. One more sign that Amazon is taking over. Lori Torgerson joining us from Seattle this morning, Lori, thank you so much. And happy Black Friday. Thank you, happy Black Friday to you as well.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"Amazon's senior public relations manager, Lori Torgerson, shares details on \"GMA\" about Amazon's best deals and most popular items.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51358806","title":"Amazon insider reveals hottest Black Friday deals","url":"/GMA/video/amazon-insider-reveals-hottest-black-friday-deals-51358806"}