Amazon seeking 'mad scientists' for hire

Plus, the "GMA" anchors discuss a viral post that a parenting blogger wrote on sharing.
7:11 | 04/26/17

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Transcript for Amazon seeking 'mad scientists' for hire
Are we missing something here? Quite a day on set yesterday. $100,000 pyramid. Lara was on yesterday. We had a debate about something. We're not allowed to give it away. Shh. She had fun. Yes. I had a lot of fun. And Lara is not competitive at all. Not at all. We'll have to wait. Check your local listings. Back here on "Gma," wonderful to have you here with us, this wonderful audience. Thank you, guys. All right. Let me ask you, any mad scientists in the house? You might want to Polish after your resume and send it to Amazon. They're looking to hire at their top secret research laboratory in England. You can build products straight out of science fiction. It's the place where Alexa, they came up with that. And those delivery drones. This is the place to do it. If you can dream it they can do it. Would you pitch something? Any kind of thing I could come up with? Oh, man, I don't know. I would like to become invisible. I was thinking the same thing. A suit. I asked some people on Twitter. One woman said when you go to bed, your makeup comes off at matically. Wouldn't it be great. That's good. Just disappears. That's genius. George and I are like, what would that do for us? Automatically refilled rose glass. A lot of people referring to the jetsons. They had a lot of things. Those great scooters. The air scooters. The food-a-rac. Remember that? There it is. I loved the food-a-rac. George, wow. Don't you remember? I loved that show. You're too young. No, I watched "The jetsons." Who watched "The jetsons "? If you watch the movie, passenger, they're going to have something like that in the future. Just spits the food out to you. Okay, can't wait. Doesn't that make it sound delicious. Here's something that is delicious, as well. A mom whose vishl post -- her post went viral. My child is not required to share. She posted on Facebook. She -- said her child went to the park, had something to share with a friend, all these strangers, kids came over, she said, it's okay not the share your toys with strangers. A lot of people shot back at her. It went viral. People disagreed. I'm curious. Do you think it's okay for her to tell her child, you don't have to share with everybody. I was torn when I read it. She made one point. If I'm walking through the park and having a sandwich on my lunch break and a stranger came up to me and said, give me half, would I have to share that? I don't think that's the same thing. These are kids. She had a couple of very good points. My initial reaction is, I think the world would be a better place if we all shared more. Her points were valid. It's one thing if someone said give me half your sandwich. And another thing if you said, would you like, you want to share. With children -- How do you teach kids not to share? I don't see how that's a good -- Next time I see someone in the park with a sandwich, I'm going to say, would you please give me part of your sandwich. I don't think you have to teach kids not the share. Kids that don't know each other. They get together. There are no boundaries. Kids don't have preconceived notions about not sharing what they have. I think we're all on the same side of this. Just so you get context on what she was saying. She said the goal is to teach our children how to function as adults. Some adults clearly never learned how to share. I know far more who don't know how the say no, practice boundaries, practice self-care, myself included. Her heart's if the right place here. But I agree. Let's just all share. The other side. I was trying, George. I was trying to be -- We have a special treat. This is a street musician in London going viral with unique guitar-playing skills. Let's take a look. ??? his name is johno challis. He's joining us. There he is. Looks like the rain stopped there in London. Thank you for joining us this morning. Tell us how this came po be? How did you learn to play guitar like that? Hey, good morning. Um -- I kind of taught myself over the years, actually. I learned the the Normal way. I got bored. I decided to play on my lap. Let's hear some. Go for it. Can we hear a little bit? All right. Jurks ??? Wow. ??? All right. You'll have a big crowd the cow play another 30 seconds. What did your family think about your decision to give up your job and do that in the streets? When I first told them, it was a bit of a shock. They've kind of been really supportive throughout my life with the music. They were really supportive. I'm very lucky. It's a very unique type of performance. What is that style called? Um, to be honest, when somebody asks, I say lappity tappity. I love that. I would love to know, somewhat the end game. What is your big dream? What is your goal? Um, honestly, to just keep -- I started this to make people happy. I noticed on the streets, people were smiling and children were dancing and falling off their scooters. The end goal is I guess just to carry on making people happy. That's why I do this. So -- Well, mission accomplished. Mission accomplished. Thank you, johno.

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{"duration":"7:11","description":"Plus, the \"GMA\" anchors discuss a viral post that a parenting blogger wrote on sharing. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"47020464","title":"Amazon seeking 'mad scientists' for hire","url":"/GMA/video/amazon-seeking-mad-scientists-hire-47020464"}