How Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods will affect the way consumers shop

The "GMA" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
5:40 | 06/19/17

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Transcript for How Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods will affect the way consumers shop
We are back now with our big board and breaking down Amazon's huge move to acquire the grocery chain whole foods and how its blockbuster 13.7 -- say it with me, robin. Billion. -- Billion with a "B" will affect the way you shop and Rebecca Jarvis is here with all the details. You're back with all the details. You were here earlier. Good to see both of you, Michael and robin. This puts Amazon on track to be one of the top five grocers in the country in the next five years. The company that completely changed retail is now taking aim at revolutionizing how we shop for food. It's the tech titan that just keeps on growing. Amazon already a leader in online shopping furthering its aim at the way we get our food. Last week putting in a $13.7 billion bid to acquire whole foods markets, looking to boost its stake in an industry it struggled with in the past. Amazon has tried, they have Amazon fresh. But they haven't really made a big push. They've been seen as being behind online in the grocery space. Reporter: Amazon taking direct aim at companies like Walmart, one of America's biggest grocery sellers and other delivery grocery services like freshdirect and peapod and some industry experts say Amazon's CEO has something other companies do not, an ability to cut costs. Jeff bezos historically has done whatever it takes to really transform a business at the expense of profitability or quarter-to-quarter results. Reporter: Bezos' company which already revolutionized the way we buy books, clothing and electronics online -- Alexa, is it going to rain tonight? Asex la, turn the lights off. Okay. Reporter: And even by voice with their hot echo line. Alexa, take a photo. Reporter: Now with its technology reaching for our refrigerators, many are wondering will the giant still dominate every aspect of our shopping. The deal also prompting some very funny reactions on social including this tweet referencing Amazon's CEO bezos. Alexa, buy me something from whole foods. Alexa, buying whole foods. Bezos, oops. And then there was this one. All I can hope for is free prime delivery on my groceries from whole foods. All kidding aside this is a huge game changer for groceries and seen Amazon change the world. Now they're aiming at groceries. Someone also said I also spent $13 billion at whole food. Donny Deutsch. We know it's a big story. Amazon, when they sold books way back. I interviewed bezos in 2007 when he was just selling books and remember during the commercial break he said, I'm just getting started. The irony is he's just getting started now. I'll introduce ontail, retailing and online combined and basically what he's realizing and this is just the first category is you can combine the two. You're going to see in the whole foods situation where people may beonline buy their canned goods but issues when you want -- the touch factor when you want to buy meat and fish and things like that so the stuff is waiting for you when you come in but then you just get your perishables so all kinds of combinations and see this with pharmaceuticals to come. This is just the beginning. Four out of ten dollars on line goes to Samson. Think about that. Just about half of everything -- everything in this country is Amazon. Stunning. And, Rebecca, they've always been on the cutting edge of technology. But a lot of people wondering and you kind of alluded to it how will it change the way you shop for groceries. This is a CEO, Jeff bezos who is obsessed, obsessed and he continuously hammers this point home with all of his employees, obsessed with what the consumer wants and knowing what the consumer wants before they even know. So convenience. The biggest change you might see are in their stores. Amazon go, for example, one of their stores is cashierless. You don't necessarily need to wait in a checkout line anymore. They're completely reimaging that in-store experience. Also you have Alexa. Now Alexa, you can place your ors through Alexa, get your groceries that way and because they know what you want before you know it, you don't even necessarily have to place orders in the future. That's scary. They'll deliver it to you. Every aspect. Some people are saying a little worried. Jeff bezos has a quote that says you will be irresponsible as a human being if you don't have shop through Amazon. That's kind of a stunning set of words. They are -- the difference between this company and every other company before them they're not in the car business but the buying of stuff business so you go, where does that go? And one day they buy NFL rights and it just doesn't stop. You name whatever we do buy, think, consume, they can go in that business. How big is too big and at what point could people have concerns it could become a monopoly? Right now it appears to be a good thing for consumers because they've driven down prices and made things more convenient. The other question is workers, already this year retailer workers have been losing jobs by the thousands and that is a key question going forward for the whole chi. Of a stock tip for everybody. Buy Amazon. Love it when you're both here. Love that I'm going to be a guest on your podcast. Looking forward it that. Thank you, robin. This might come up. I think it should and maybe everybody has something. We'll talk about it there too. Oh. Helping each other out.

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{"id":48129703,"title":"How Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods will affect the way consumers shop","duration":"5:40","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","url":"/GMA/video/amazons-acquisition-foods-affect-consumers-shop-48129703","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}