Americans Credited for Stopping Attacker Aboard French Train

Three Americans credited with overpowering an armed man and preventing a potentially deadly attack on board a high-speed train.
2:51 | 08/22/15

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Transcript for Americans Credited for Stopping Attacker Aboard French Train
Breaking news. These two American servicemen who may have stopped a massacre on board a train in Europe risking their own lives in the process. Those two along with two other passengers leaping into action taking down a heavily armed man who appears to have been planning a bloody rampage. Just look at how much ammo the gunman had with him when he was taken down. What's new this morning did that one the servicemen in the hospital but we're hearing from the other men who helped him stop that gunman in his tracks and ABC's Jennifer Eccleston is following the overnight developments from London. Jennifer, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning. This morning, one of those American heroes is undergoing surgery, hand surgery at a hospital in France. It was his quick thinking and courage that may have saved hundreds of lives. Dude, I tried to shoot him. Reporter: An attack on a packed train from Amsterdam to Paris foiled by quick-thinking American passengers. This video shot by a 22-year-old army national guardsman alek skarlatos after Spencer stone tackled this man identified by police as a 26-year-old Moroccan. Stone hear, hear with a bare back suffering a knife wound as he subdued the attacker. Bystanders rushing in to help tie the man up and secure the scene. The two U.S. Servicemen on vacation with a college friend stopping an attack authorities say could have been so much worse. The suspect arrested carrying an assault rifle, a knife and close to a dozen additional cartridges. Overnight, skarlatos recently back from serving in Afghanistan speaking out. Spencer ran a good ten meters to get to the guy and we didn't know that his gun wasn't working or anything like that. Spencer just ran anyway and if anybody would have gotten shot it would have been Spencer for sure. Reporter: The attack happening Friday afternoon traveling from Amsterdam to Paris journeying 300 miles. As the train was passing Belgium shots were reportedly fires. The gunman arrested with no lives lost and only two suffering nonlife-threatening injuries. Relief. Relief that nobody actually got killed. And it could have been a real carnage and there's no question about that. Reporter: The presidents of France and the United States both joining those American heroes' families in praising their courage and quick action. We are both very proud of them. I'm grateful. I'm grateful that everything turned out okay, really. Reporter: The French authorities are still not calling this terrorism but local media reports the 26-year-old now in custody was known to security officials and an anti-terror operation is currently under way. Cecilia. So courageous, Jennifer, thank you.

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{"id":33246801,"title":"Americans Credited for Stopping Attacker Aboard French Train","duration":"2:51","description":"Three Americans credited with overpowering an armed man and preventing a potentially deadly attack on board a high-speed train.","url":"/GMA/video/americans-credited-stopping-attacker-aboard-french-train-33246801","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}