Americans Head to Mexico for Weight-Loss 'Balloon Pill'

The capsule, not FDA-approved, is swallowed, then inflates in the stomach to make patient feel full.
7:54 | 05/16/14

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Transcript for Americans Head to Mexico for Weight-Loss 'Balloon Pill'
I can't tell you. At a 330. -- 48 year old Kimi GE says he's never full. Eliminated England before that. Tried every dying every weight -- -- Still nothing excellence to work. And in another sunny suburb of Los Angeles -- that's doctor DC mark. It's. Being stuck in an effort is now the head to help knock isn't. You know -- my. But those women who recently heard an and you capsules -- magic bullets to help them their fights -- this way. One that claims the kind of results and so far only invasive surgery has produced and it's not just for the severely overweight. -- I don't think -- exciting. -- I'm just excited because I don't -- -- guest bypass or lap band you know I am petty -- because I feel like cutting your Sony is not really the issue. You know this -- -- and that's the main issue just competence. Playing key piece case restarts in the one and one plus -- of the year a few years ago she was -- successful plus -- -- Even appearing in the -- fact that. The goal is to lose about sixty -- did nothing more. So you would like you go back -- yeah I think to be great I still -- heaviest it was thick but I felt better and I can move around better with a close student so that's what you are planned us I plan. But the plan is infection. It's been a full -- I'm going to just. Capsule isn't available -- from the west so patients like -- -- date T must drive across the Mexican border. To Tijuana Mexico. Eight bustling CD the rap for violence and crime. Every year thousands of -- -- has cautiously flock. In -- -- cut -- medical care. The capsule is a controversial device called -- belong. Once it enters this -- he's inflated quickly into a small golden patients feel full immediately. We finally arrive you obesity controls and you want where -- -- -- -- -- friends isn't painful. Gloria is if you want anything she took -- -- until three months ago. Hasn't already lost 25 pounds. Both women are here to meet this snack. Doctor I yelled fourteenth in Mexican surgeon who was born and -- into its morning starts -- and -- on aid to help restart the capsule. If you ask me what's the benefit of working. In Mexico is then I get to decide. The quality of health care I provide to my patient's death. He lives in San Diego but every day he -- to his clinic in Tijuana with 70% of his patients are American. His staff feels more than 100 phone call today from patients wanting to know more about the balloon. Well yes. He's most of them are American as well. So they're going into the operating room right now and they come to him not only for the -- and that's right. But for other treatments that are approved in the UN -- the cheaper here in Mexico. Patients like -- will save thousands of dollars by getting the balloon. Which goes for about 4000 dogs a fraction of what it gastric bypass surgery goes -- It's -- -- obviously I want. I agree I believe one day. What we are doing now is going to be seen as barbaric. And there is another crucial to. Yeah. -- gastric bypass the -- isn't just for the morbidly obese. These facts. And -- you -- council the pill comes with its own set strict guidelines. These suspects in this yes. The didn't have. Patients won't be able to -- solid foods for the first three day and for the twelve weeks they have to commits to working out nineteen minute today. -- -- -- and fast once -- starts to meet him she won't be able to eat more than a small plate of food a day. People who was. You know capsule if Sony and that there is no consensus yet the American medical community about it but plenty of intrigue. I'd have to say sounds interest in I wanna know more see very -- surgery. He's very effective. But it really ought to be a last resort good doctor David Katz teaches weight management at Yale Griffin prevention research center. To take it he says sustaining weight loss after the pill comes out is a consents to the stomach is a hormone producing organ. And very after surgery actually influences the production -- hormone called grey island and that's part of the effect of the surgery. -- the balloon do that can it rival the effects of surgery what happens when the balloon goes away because the effects of the surgery. For the most part a permanent. And if you have a -- putting your stomach to make you eat less and you lose weight. Are you then dependent on that balloon for the rest of your life any thoughts on August 3 -- -- -- Back in Mexico we check in with -- -- -- means they get ready to swallowed a capsule. Both on different ends of the weight loss spectrum one who needs gastric bypass and the other who could easily -- thirty pants with just diet and exercise. Don't force does -- -- -- you have to go down and when. -- -- I think it's weird -- she trying to -- when. But wait -- -- Now its key east. And the eighties -- bubble inflating linking east on the -- that -- right there. And Kimi was well pretty. -- The -- is supposed to be removed after three months. Remember Gloria she's had a balloon in her stomach for four months salary and so the doctor might want turned of the -- that you want to keep it he hadn't yet. They want more harm Gloria get -- it means. We wanted to remove the balloons today -- wouldn't give you a little bit more. If you're happy and you -- it. The -- wasn't there. Wouldn't. I don't know eight -- Off over the next few weeks Stacy and CB kept video giants -- -- in their progress. Well it's the that we tune beginning -- week to me I lost a total of fourteen. Point -- pounds I have lost about five counts so far after thirty days. -- has lost almost ten pounds yeah. Yeah. And Kimi -- whopping 22 pounds I went to Easter. It's another life. That once damn good. And I -- -- some -- And when the balloons kidnapped in two months be leading -- -- very able to keep the weight off. For Nightline I'm Marion and -- in Tijuana Mexico.

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{"duration":"7:54","description":"The capsule, not FDA-approved, is swallowed, then inflates in the stomach to make patient feel full.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23746211","title":"Americans Head to Mexico for Weight-Loss 'Balloon Pill'","url":"/GMA/video/americans-head-mexico-weight-loss-balloon-pill-23746211"}