Americans Held Prisoner in Iran on Their Way Home

The families speak out as President Obama suggests this may be the beginning of better U.S. relations with Iran.
2:19 | 01/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Americans Held Prisoner in Iran on Their Way Home
Two weeks from today. We move on to the story of the Americans freed. Three of them on their way home reunited with family after harrowing last minute hitches and we'll talk to the brother of Washington post report Jason rezaian after chief white house correspondent brings us the latest on how the deal went down. Good morning. These Americans have been held for years on what U.S. Officials say were entirely bogus charges of espionage and their freedom after 14 months of touch and go negotiations that went up until the last minute. This morning the Americans who spent so long as prisoners in Iran. Now freed and reunited with family at the U.S. Military base in Germany. They're getting much needed medical treatment before coming back home to America. Their first stop out of Iran was Geneva where Washington post reporter Jason rezaian was greeted by the U.S. Official who helped negotiate his release. After being detained for more than a year and a half on charges of espionage. Also amir hekmati held for more than four years at the even prison. His sister and brother-in-law were all smiles on their way to meet him. And pastor Saeed abedini imprisoned and away from family for more than three and a half years. I said daddy is released from prisons you're going to see him soon. At the white house president Obama celebrated the long overdue release. They never gave in and they never gave up. They can stand tall and breathe deep fresh air of freedom. In exchange the Obama administration agreed to release seven Iranians. Who dropped arrest warrants on 14 others and also agreed to pay $1.7 billion to settle a financial dispute with the Iranian government. Not included in this prisoner swap was former FBI agent Robert Levinson. He disabacked back in 2007 but they say they don't know where he is. This deal comes down just as that landmark nuclear deal goes into effect dropping sanctions on Iran freeing up tens of billions of dollars in Iranian assets but the white house says this deal on the prisoners is unrelated that deal.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"The families speak out as President Obama suggests this may be the beginning of better U.S. relations with Iran.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36373033","title":"Americans Held Prisoner in Iran on Their Way Home","url":"/GMA/video/americans-held-prisoner-iran-home-36373033"}