Americans in Paris robbed in $400,000 jewelry heist

Police investigate the robbery of diamonds and jewels.
1:39 | 03/11/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Americans in Paris robbed in $400,000 jewelry heist
Wild story out of Paris meanwhile, where police are on the hunt for thieves who snatched hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of diamonds and jewels from two Americans. ABC's Jennifer Eccleston is on the story. Reporter: A spectacular heist in Paris' exclusive place Ven dome. $400,000 in jewelries snatched from an American couple in this parking lot Thursday night. The thieves on scooters luring in the victims by telling them that their tire is flat. When the trusting tourists check, that's when the robbers use the distraction to swipe several bags from the car. The thieves were unarmed and now on the run. The high stakes caper following several high-profile Parisian stickups. Kim Kardashian was held hostage and robbed of $10 million worth of jewels inside an exclusive hotel during fashion week in October. The gang armed and dressed as police terrorized the reality TV icon gagging and tying her up before escaping on bikes. A month later an Indian movie star said she was gassed during a botched robbery. Anything they wear that's flashy, slash, expensive still can be a target to even lower end thieves. They time you have an item that's worth a lot of money, you can't just pick it up and carry it around and stick it in your car because you are then vulnerable to being robbed. Paris is still a top tourist destination and despite security concerns, French officials have insisted the city remain safe for all visitors.

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{"id":46066237,"title":"Americans in Paris robbed in $400,000 jewelry heist","duration":"1:39","description":"Police investigate the robbery of diamonds and jewels.","url":"/GMA/video/americans-paris-robbed-400000-jewelry-heist-46066237","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}