America's Favorite Places: Anchor Edition

The "GMA" anchors share their favorite spots in America.
3:37 | 07/22/14

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Transcript for America's Favorite Places: Anchor Edition
There they are all week long celebrating America's favorite places. Yesterday we saw your top five picks. Today it is our turn. Take a look at some of our favorite spots. During the week you see us right here in times square. But when we're not here we like all of you love retreating to our favorite places. ? robin's favorite place where the heart is, her hometown, pass Christian, Mississippi. There is no place like home. Pass Christian, Mississippi, we call it the pass. When you're in the air force you bounce around a lot and the pass was the first time when my dad retire there had begot to choose where we lived and we chose the pass. And it is just the quintessential small town usa, beautiful. I've traveled the world. I've seen castles and I've seen -- but there's no place like home. There's no place like my pass. Amy and Lara both live up north now but they share a favorite place down south. Charleston, South Carolina. We both love the same city. I know we're supposed to do these individually but what can we say? It truly is our favorite place. Amy started her broadcast career in Charleston and loves going back with her family to visit. Lara has fallen in love with the city on vacation. Charleston is their favorite, they say, because of its history, its beauty and its food. Can we talk about how phenomenal the food is? You've go the country cuisine, shrimp and grips and filet mignon with parmesan on top. No meal is complete without the peninsula grill seven-layer coconut cake. I am not kidding you. Ginger is a michigander through and through and she grew up and recently got married will. The sand is so beautiful. The water is crystal clear. It looks like the caribbean. You know, two months out of the year because it's not that populated. It is so much a place where I can go and just breathe. It might be a little chilly but the overall feeling is very zen for me. Michael is a beach lover too of the his favorite place to catch ways on the west coach in the heart of California. My favorite place in America is Manhattan beach, California. Michael loves Manhattan beach for the surf, the sand and the laid back vibe. You find the long great fun beaches, bike riding trails, a very relaxed atmosphere. Well, you just go and be yourself. Just like my special spot right here in Manhattan, author's walk in the heart of central park, the canopy of trees changes with the season sheltering an urban oasis where tourists and artists come together. It is like a mini vacation with so much life stretched into one perfect stretch of park. So there they are. I want some of that coconut cake. Delicious. They FedEx. It's so fantastic. Let's put everything up and walk over to New York. You first. I can't wait to see that. Central park. My hometown. We used to vacation in gulf shores but there's the pass right there. Everybody else. Okay. Amy. Lara. This is Michael's. And I'll put mine right up here, anywhere along that shore of Michigan. Filling up on that. We will. We'll have a lot more coming up. We want to see photos of other places that you sent us. Go to our website on Yahoo! And we have Nico & Vinz coming

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{"id":24660889,"title":"America's Favorite Places: Anchor Edition","duration":"3:37","description":"The \"GMA\" anchors share their favorite spots in America.","url":"/GMA/video/americas-favorite-places-anchor-edition-24660889","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}