'America's Favorite Places' 5 Finalists Revealed

Using #GMAFavePlace on Facebook and Twitter, viewers can vote for their favorite finalist.
3:20 | 07/21/14

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Transcript for 'America's Favorite Places' 5 Finalists Revealed
They are all spectacular. Sit back and enjoy the top picks. We asked all of you to vote, and the nominations came from from coast to coast. Places big and small, like devil's thumb ranch in Colorado, picnic island in the Florida keys. So many tough choices, but in the end, we had five finalists. First up, beautiful lake tahoe. With the crystal-clear water, surrounded by snow-capped mountains. It's a nature lover's paradise. My husband had the idea of getting kayaks. Once away from the shore and the people, we were on the lake alone, and it was just so incredible to be there. ? Next, gulf shores. The idyllic coastal town at the southern tip of Alabama. It is perfect for families and for the past 15 years, this family has made the annual 18-hour drive. We go crab hunting. What else? It's relaxing, the sand is gorgeous. Third nominee, arcadia national park in Maine. 15,000 acres of jaw-draping beauty. They visited the lower 48, and it was the favorite place. I had a chance to go on a helicopter ride, and it was just spec spectacular. Seeing the amazing views. While national parks were top choices, some preferred cities. Chicago's lake front. The perfect marriage of city and nature. And once done along the trail, 16-year-old Brandon Gunn has a success -- I enjoyed the food in Chicago. And last but not least, Montana's majestic glacier national park. It is a stunner. Spectacular vistas, diverse wildlife. Just ask Jennifer of Durham, North Carolina. It was hard to not trip over our feet because the views were stunning. It was a great escape. The great finalists. And the stories to go with them. Get them up on the map. I have lake tahoe here. Let me put it up. That's a good one. Beautiful, beautiful. And I'm going down south, of course. Gulf shores, Alabama. We used to vacation there a lot as kids. And 15,000 gorgeous acres, acadia national park up in Maine. And one of my favorite runs on lakeshore drive, Chicago. Beautiful spot. Love that. You know I love that, but glacier national park in Montana, it made it. The beautiful landscape, can't beat it. I'm going to stay over here. You at home decided this. Weigh in on your favorite on Facebook and Twitter, gmafave. Tell us your pick. We will reveal the winner live on Thursday.

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{"id":24644965,"title":"'America's Favorite Places' 5 Finalists Revealed","duration":"3:20","description":"Using #GMAFavePlace on Facebook and Twitter, viewers can vote for their favorite finalist.","url":"/GMA/video/americas-favorite-places-finalists-revealed-24644965","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}