Andy Warhol Masterpiece Stolen From Missouri Museum

The famed "Campbell Soup" prints have been reportedly taken while on display at the Springfield Art Museum.
1:40 | 04/10/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Andy Warhol Masterpiece Stolen From Missouri Museum
Also grateful when Rachel smith is here. Big news of a big and strange theft in the art world. Yeah, for sure. The heist took place in Missouri, at the Springfield art museum. The wall once displaying Andy Warhol Campbell's soup prints is now a blank canvas. This morning, the FBI and INT interpol are on the hunt. Between 5:30 P.M. Wednesday and 8:45 A.M. Thursday, thieves broke into the Springfield art museum taking down there the wall and walking away with at least one iconic Andy Warhol print. The missing pastor piece worth over $30,000. Usually art is stolen especially high-priced art, it's stolen by people in the business. Reporter: The gallery wall, once lined with the pop master's work, now blank. Museum officials pulling the rest of the collection while they race to find out who is behind the heist. The burglars gain intelligence as to the types of paymentings that are in there. How they're going to get access into the facility. And how they're going to get out. Over the last six months, the museum has been working on an emergency plan. They had not yet completed the process. I remember the first, I was telling Cecilia earlier. The first time I went to the museum of modern art. I was standing in front of those and a girl turned to her father and said, it's just soup. Very valuable soup. Well, she's accurate. Thank you, Rachel. Appreciate it.

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{"duration":"1:40","description":"The famed \"Campbell Soup\" prints have been reportedly taken while on display at the Springfield Art Museum.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38287858","title":"Andy Warhol Masterpiece Stolen From Missouri Museum","url":"/GMA/video/andy-warhol-masterpiece-stolen-missouri-museum-38287858"}