Ann Romney Shares Family Favorite Recipes

Wife of 2012 presidential candidate on new cook book "The Romney Family Table."
3:00 | 10/10/12

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Transcript for Ann Romney Shares Family Favorite Recipes
I didn't. Also -- -- -- help let's pick up our Breast Cancer Awareness Month -- the life of of course the presidential candidate former. Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is herself a breast cancer driver. She is also a lot. Brand new book -- not gonna call it a cookbook it is wonderful it is the Romney family table -- features. All of your favorite family recipes -- -- of -- is from it is wonderful. To have you here thank you today and especially -- that that day Tuesday -- you have you have faced this and you had a history. A bit tells the looked just a little bit about -- -- now it was one of those moments where we get we have the mammogram thank goodness -- you're talking a lot about that today which is so important that women get their mammograms but it was just a routine screening and I discover that I had breast cancer so. Those screens are important but it's also why doesn't -- -- I exactly -- now I have my mother which is interesting my mother and my grandmother my great grandmother. Either a variant or breast cancer and I did do that their genetic testing and I was not friend who won back to which is interesting and I still have breast cancer we'll see that's what doctor -- talking about and I fall -- -- -- I'm glad that you are doing well and it's also about eating well. And so beautiful and I said I'm gonna try this not this weekend but Mexican -- home. The subpoena cast her attorney about it he just -- well this must have all happened because he. I'm when we're first married we did our first garden and then if anything that have grown tired now when you plan to -- when they start having them. They've come come come come in the weeks even off you know rock -- -- take everything and this is -- -- -- -- We -- just sought -- some onions that's always a good start hands. -- -- vested -- -- wonderful onions and then we move on and how fast you expect. But we have the sauteed onions now here we are -- magic of television fan. You. You sprinkle. This leukemia until Castro couldn't be easier you know you've liked getting rid of these -- he needs big big gifts -- do you I think it might apply my -- -- -- just having food fights with pain and that is okay with me. And in the found it aren't you -- -- onions and put more as he neon and then you've got. Your calls initiated. This looks so good for aged fourteen to 48. Cents and it makes it more urgent I cast the role that way -- Could not be easier. Topic with a little -- seeing only through that. Right crimes and run I don't want to break at about three. For 350 for about fifteen minutes so it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The port Eduardo export export in this. So easy to do it just so wonderful and the -- you don't happen to those are my kids my -- -- they just about our best and don't -- -- -- make so many said -- -- dinner doesn't this summer I put a big note on top of it said do not -- and everytime I want I think did you never more times -- now on paid my debt and to me that's a good sign up another great sign an embankment and the stupidest thing. So you say -- good military answer you that you said UD started -- because here. Your daughters in law they wanted to well liked my -- like -- you need to sit the have a collection of what you -- assuming that they needed me more than -- cookbook it's more about family. How to raise children. -- I have to bring people to the table how to make people sit down bring people to the table. And have this conversation I don't mean to be -- but that work is -- Wow that is so good -- mrs. Romney thank you so very much. And. How. The army fairly amusing that aren't worth at On --

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{"id":20430416,"title":"Ann Romney Shares Family Favorite Recipes","duration":"3:00","description":"Wife of 2012 presidential candidate on new cook book \"The Romney Family Table.\"","url":"/GMA/video/ann-romney-shares-family-favorite-recipes-20430416","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}