Anthony Anderson Talks 'Smack-ish'

The star of ABC's hit show "Black-ish" plays the word association game with celebrity co-stars past and present.
2:41 | 09/22/15

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Transcript for Anthony Anderson Talks 'Smack-ish'
So our people constantly putting fish on the end words around you now. Art is a they are right out but it and it's fun. It it's become a thing yeah well I'm glad you think so because we critic came hurtling a lot talking fish talking smack into I have been Anderson managed. And panache OK what you do as we needed costar pastor president using the very first thing that comes at a time with pastor Fred. I want to talk to about past or present OK that's. Your church leaders know this is not any costar that we come up with you come up with a word it's very you know sort of north ward know about it. Test and he can be snack or not nobody goes to countries see this a beautiful each. Oh yeah. I. Target but it didn't work beautiful. Busiest and talented and again the lure is just for our it's scary. Oh yeah DiCaprio Bob. Who you think. Sleeping neighbors. Biggest fish debate on it very. Talented each in and it fleet that he worked with him and they want me. What do we do this department. It's part every neighborhood in the same building when I lived here Hume Judy Malone order and that was up on well Leo. Yeah. Yahoo! dot I know you wouldn't give me a number of the conditions are right another departed costar Matt Damon Matt Damon funny. Really yes I love that yet Shia LaBeouf from the start rumors crazy. People. Together and tell us close and there are. And and ice from from empire cookie Taraji. Job. I am very good rain we've known each other since 1988 we went to college and our live. Dollars a year ago you didn't know what was she like Biden college same way if I think with cookie junior backing up at the. Devolved parliament the cookie. Drop in Q and did fit. So happy guys backed we're happy we're it's fun yeah we're happy yeah yes you know we're picking up where we left off and and were raising the bar and. Yeah Republican talking about that coming up we're one of you guys is I can't Amy doctors were not. I didn't I think aren't if you look fantastic thank you even do it. I did you know you're an end to him a ride at best interests of the tartan pants that's definitely good yeah I want my heart innovative let me try to make it back. Is he black community picnic yeah. How would apply pads and I don't you don't see the fatten its anymore.

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"The star of ABC's hit show \"Black-ish\" plays the word association game with celebrity co-stars past and present.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33942929","title":"Anthony Anderson Talks 'Smack-ish'","url":"/GMA/video/anthony-anderson-talks-smack-ish-33942929"}