Antonio Sabato Jr.'s Tips for Adding Color in Your Home

“Fix It and Finish It” star puts the “GMA” team to test in a home decorating face-off.
4:44 | 03/09/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Antonio Sabato Jr.'s Tips for Adding Color in Your Home
Right now we want to give you some great types. Time for a brand new edition of "Improve this." Amy and ginger going head to head in a home decor throwdown. I'm saying throwdown and I'm joined by an Antonio sabato, jr.ment he's the host of a show called fix it and finish it. I have been doing 120 homes this year. A different home every day. Fixing and finishing it. You do a beautiful thing. We have done it for veterans and families across the nation. We do everything for free. We go in and surprise them every day and give them entire space. In one day it's done on a daily basis. How do you find the families? Through all the stations in the cities we go to and call and send videos and we show up and surprise them. With 120 homes under your belt you're good at this. Ladies get ready to be tested by the one and only. He's ready to throw shades your way. Sabrina our producer has named this throwing shades. Are you ready? Question one. Ready? Yes. Yes. Ginger -- You let the question finish correct? We prefer that. But there are no rules on "Gma." Hanging a piece of art is a great way to add color to a room. Which is not needed to hang a piece of artwork. A stud finder. A frame hook or a trowel. Ginger. Trowel. Wow. Correct. Ginger, up one. You definitely need a stud finder. There we go. We're just going to hang it. It's really easy. Is there any chip involved here? You just want to make sure it's level that everything is measured so it's not on the left or right but in the center of your space. Yes. I always like to give it the eyeball touch. Do you use a level? All the time. And sometimes use two hooks. Yeah. Step back and take your time. Don't rush. Ginger in the lead. But no doubt Amy will be back. A trophy right there. White kitchen cabinets. What's an inexpensive way to brighten up the space. Bright plates. Color full cabinet knobs or both. Oh -- Say it baby. Both. Yes. Yes. There we go. We have some red here. You can add color here and on the knobs. I think the knobs are great. When you're done with the color you go back to the classics. Easy to install. You can do it -- could you switch it out? You could. You could switch it. You don't want to strip the hole. You know what I'm talking about. I would have stripped the hole. Try some new knobs won't you. Paint brush or roller important to a paint job. What should you go for if you're painting brick. Roller or Bruk. Sorry. Those are mine. A long nap roller, a short nap roller or a synthetic bristle brush. Amy. I'm going to go with the long nap roller. You know what, Amy, I had no doubt you would get that. A, a long nap roller. Amy robach now in the lead. Why is a long nap roller so important? It goes in between the bricks and you can roll it nicely. So all the entire paint goes in between the bricks. That's what you want. You can do it over and over again. It's good to have this kind of material. I love the look of painted brick. I do, too. I love when it starts to even go. Finally, the last question, your chance, ginger, make sure I'm in order here. This is it. If you want to create a tranquil space what which color is best, green, blue, yellow. Studies show -- ginger. I'm going to try green. Yellow. Amy robach. Blue. Blue. Like the city, it's calming. There we go. It's like the sea. It's nature. Thank you. Don't be blue, ginger. Don't be blue. No. I'm green with envy. Congratulations. Congratulations to Amy robach. Speechless. Shade master and Antonio sabato, Jr. Don't miss Antonio's show. Fix it and finish it. Check your local listings and get some more tips on our website. Again fix it and finish it. Thanks for playing.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"“Fix It and Finish It” star puts the “GMA” team to test in a home decorating face-off. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29496305","title":"Antonio Sabato Jr.'s Tips for Adding Color in Your Home","url":"/GMA/video/antonio-sabato-jrs-tips-adding-color-home-29496305"}