New App Pays You to Exercise

Users input credit card information and agree to pay a penalty for each missed workout.
2:49 | 07/30/14

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Transcript for New App Pays You to Exercise
-- second relish in his moment. Yeah I -- honest that was me what a great example -- a great -- and we're also coming up but right now actually interviewed and that's -- -- new way to motivate you to exercise its an incentive to the regularly -- Money money nine and if it happened how things shape up your body and you can be here at the same time. Aids infected rarely have the details. After three days easy two years. Snuggled her all time high 20025. Pounds IAE. Didn't have energy and that I. Didn't want to get on the floor and play with seven and I was unhappy with myself getting on an exercise program -- Never I had never exercised in my life. So she turned to pack it's an app that uses money to motivate your workouts. -- secret weapon -- And it worked. -- lost ninety pounds it's just seemed like it was just for me that you made for me and I really thank you make money and it. -- -- the accurate credit card or PayPal information each week's use -- to a certain number of forecasts and you say what penalty OK if you miss -- that's right a minimum five dollar fine is assessed if you skip the gym. But he may also worked out you only want money comes from the lot of clients from people who failed to honor their -- It was a -- -- to make sure that I didn't go to the gym because I told them that I was going to and they charged me I didn't. So how does that I have actually know that you've gone through -- -- into the -- and didn't just saying you work out. Well there's two ways either have to actually go to him and check in with the apps which story can count on -- steps on your. The -- uses the GPS and your phone to check candidate known him and monitor how long you stay. We -- -- steps taken with the fitness stand or miles run again -- yes. Each time you go to the gym you checked in and used yes your own to verify you're really there Tiffany walked away with 41 dollars in pocket. It is nice to have any come break -- And I made that all by myself. The money she's gains is great but the weight she's lost race. -- Good Morning America staff -- ABC news Napa California. Kind of ingenious love that idea sounds like a win win and -- we wanted to. Thank you in on the act here the results of our GMA flash poll we asked would you pay for an -- that charges he if you miss your -- and -- not only. Only 19% of you said yeah taking on presents you know he's still look what we're part of yeah that's gone coming together regularly -- -- -- that's why you gotta get out of Palin quit.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Users input credit card information and agree to pay a penalty for each missed workout.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24774004","title":"New App Pays You to Exercise","url":"/GMA/video/app-pays-exercise-24774004"}