New apps for summer fitness

Fitness apps that could help you stay motivated to meet your workout goals.
2:22 | 06/11/17

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Transcript for New apps for summer fitness
??? As temperatures rise and the jackets come off some of us are feeling a little bit more body conscious these days so you may want to kick your fitness goals into gear. Our "Weekend download" ABC tech contributor Becky Worley says there's an app for that. She's joining us from San Francisco this morning. Hey, Becky, good morning. So, tell us about the latest apps. Well, you know, the thing really is about motivation, Dan and I think motivation comes in two forms, as we all know, the carrot and the stick. We'll start with the nice positive motivation, the carrot. I've had this experience when I go to a new class or a new gym, I feel kind of shy. It seems like everybody there already knows each other, so fit match is like tinder for going to the gym or new class. It pairs you with somebody else who wants to try maybe a spinning class or a bar class or even go for a run. It is proven that the buddy system helps people stick to your workout schedule. So I think that's a great idea. Yeah, rob uses that to look good in his jorts in the summer. Another of these apps using altruism as a big motivation. Tell us about this. Charity miles. Every mile you run or walk raises money from corporate sponsors, charities like autism speak, at ls association and habitat for humanity. They get the donations. Users of the app have raised $2 million so far. I don't think it benefits say no to jorts but we could work on that. A new charity we might have to start. #Saynotojorts will take off today. The carrot and stick. Apps that penalize you for not working out. Pact. If you don't meet your goals you lose the money you paid in. Those penalties start at $5 a week. All the money that's lost by people who didn't work out is split between the folks who did meet their goals. Again, there is proof that that financial incentive will get you to the gym. I think it's -- the other way to do it would be to have that money go to somebody you dislike. Becky, thank you very much. Really appreciate it. And Paula says thank you as well. Rob is saying #jortsrule. "Pop news" is next.

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{"id":47965985,"title":"New apps for summer fitness","duration":"2:22","description":"Fitness apps that could help you stay motivated to meet your workout goals.","url":"/GMA/video/apps-summer-fitness-47965985","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}