Prank Changes Waitress' Life

Chelsea Roff received $1,000 in cash, a trip to Hawaii, a new car and more.
3:00 | 04/01/14

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Transcript for Prank Changes Waitress' Life
You all know here break weekly pranks on people all the time so we would switch things up a -- -- it forward providing on March was an unexpected -- through positive francs -- We're here in the spring street smoke house -- -- Chelsea raw force. We all waiters and waitresses are some of the most under appreciated people on the planet trust me I used to be one and let's face it there's a lot of -- to present there you know -- your life. But many agencies Chelsea has struggled financially she'd erase her little sister -- when she's just a girl. She overcame a severe eating disorder and her car is the complete piece of junk and debris damage LC does have this -- running her own nonprofit. That help people recover from eating disorders through yoga. If anybody can use a break it's Chelsea. Today we're gonna frank -- bored by sitting in a few with the best -- we've got to see winging in Chelsea. The best shift. Look at that table. I'm sitting for people who -- the four top. -- -- I know Chelsea. Gets all of these surprises in my chest pain and she deserves ever -- -- You to have -- just because I'm in a bit of very. Possibly yeah. 120 on the table than a thousand. Yeah. I'm -- Beginning you literally. You really should do like you money they're -- just went up with everybody over here. The point a couple of days she'd like freaking out because today yeah. Interesting -- always has well let's get into the that's been traveling -- Nintendo Wii in the traveling. We get these vouchers -- two people to Hawaii and on Monday. And -- its nose and upper back. I'm -- -- boss believe me Chelsea deserves a vacation. Do you today. The next surprise I'm really excited about because it could really change Chelsea's life. Boy through the -- nature tells us. -- -- -- -- -- When I was approached to help Chelsea -- did my own research on her. And I was just so taken with her story and and how hard she worked to go from them. Bottom of the -- to the topic at hand is so proud of her achievements and -- so much to get back to other people that I was just built it. I've been running on -- -- of the southern center for the last fourteen years and I'm -- opening up its program the one component that -- -- -- -- Okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When -- -- left sort of random. Yeah and this could be a great that accident but. Get back. She used this journey of -- to bring her to where she is today. So it's just a -- Okay now. To go out of business. Him. -- Just outside. I think she's going to be really amazed that are only the show but the people around her wanted to do this stuff. And car. That's your car our kids did this because I -- -- give you did today hey I'm giving you a card from. Inside. No one else more deserving than Chelsea is extremely inspiring for me in my life. And then the word is she's doing right now this actually it. I'm saving lives and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Chelsea Roff received $1,000 in cash, a trip to Hawaii, a new car and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23144639","title":"Prank Changes Waitress' Life","url":"/GMA/video/april-fools-day-2014-prank-waitress-life-23144639"}