Reporter Talks Directly with Gorilla

A California scientist claims to have deciphered the language of gorillas.
3:41 | 04/01/13

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Transcript for Reporter Talks Directly with Gorilla
april 1st. An astonishing breakthrough in communications between humans and gorillas. Our correspondent talked directly with a gorilla. Nick watt with this unbelievable story. Reporter: What you are hearing -- those grunts, we now know they are words. Alanguage now deciphered by this man. You have essentially learned to gorilla? I think the gorillas themselves would acknowledge that. Reporter: You're witnessing the first ever televised interspecies conversation. He just said hi? I'm kelly. Is that right? Yes, that's right. He said, hi, I'm kelly. Reporter: He's the dominant male here at the los angeles zoo. Dr. Frill's work started six years ago this very day. When I first met him, I was skeptical. This is very, very hard to believe. I was a little disturbed as well. Reporter: The more I learned, the more amazed I became. The doctor was able to develop a remarkable computer program. Here's what he discovered. When a gorilla says -- -- that means I'm hungry. Listen to the roll into the sharp grunt. Not to be confused with this -- -- which means I would like the mate. After a long intense day of study, I was ready. Or so I hoped. Here he is. He's still just staring at me. Less nasal. Perfect. Reporter: That's me asking what his favorite color is. black. That one-word translation, seismic. Gorillas are incredible. This is an incredible discovery. Reporter: Frill is already developing a reality tv player. We wept to the l.A. Zoo last week and it was -- it's fascinating. You just have to go for yourself and see. Reporter: I felt we were really connecting. Until kelly, the alpha male, asked me a question. how many -- how many wives do i have? Understand he has many. That's not a difficult question to ask. Reporter: I told him have one wife. He looks unimpressed. obviously, he has many wives. I have one, he thinks I'm weak man. Indeed. He's questioning your masculinity. Reporter: With that, our interview was over. What is next? They're not going the join our society now that we can communicate with them? No, they're still wild animals. I think they would be unfom courtable living within the bounds of a city square or even in a small town. Reporter: For "good morning america" los angeles. He's going to keep going. He taught me how to say lara spencer. It was -- how long did it take you to learn that? It was a couple of lessons. It's not easy. I'm not fluent in it like I am in french. For more on this, go to gma.Com on yahoo! Right now. I can't wait to talk to nick about it.

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{"id":18852941,"title":"Reporter Talks Directly with Gorilla","duration":"3:41","description":"A California scientist claims to have deciphered the language of gorillas.","url":"/GMA/video/april-fools-pranks-2013-reporter-talks-directly-gorilla-18852941","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}