Ariana Grande concertgoers describe chaos after attack

Jessica Pierpoint and Elle Byrne tell "GMA" what happened in the moments after a suspected suicide bomber set off an explosion at Manchester Arena.
4:21 | 05/23/17

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Transcript for Ariana Grande concertgoers describe chaos after attack
Joining us now Jessica and Ellie, they were both at the concert last night and we are so sorry for what happened last night and thankful you're both doing okay. Jessica, how are you doing this morning? I haven't slept. I've been on and off to be fair and I mean they've just released the first name of the victim of one of the victims and I'm pretty sure that I recognize her from a previous show, so I'm just -- I should feel numb because I cried so much over the past 12 hours it's just been horrendous. We can only imagine. I mean, what you must be processing right now and, Ellie, how are you this morning, Ellie? I'm okay. I'm just in shock. I was just really, really scared. Jessica, can you tell us what you heard, what you saw last night? Ariana had just left the stage and it was the end of the show and as everybody was leaving they were leaving to walk up towards the stairs which take you to the entry of the arena and to leave and everything seemed to be fine and then there was just this loud, sickening bang and it made the floor shake, it was so like impactful and everybody around me just screamed and we just all ran and just didn't know what to do. We thought a bomb had gone off or something. Elle, when did you first know something was wrong? When I stood up to leave I was going towards where the sound came from and I heard the massive bang and then everyone as fast ran away and we were all screaming and crying and I just wanted to get out. Did you see people helping others? I know that there was somebody from Ariana's group that was on the stage that was trying to tell people to stay as calm as they could. Yeah, and somebody from her crew came out and was just telling everybody to remain calm and to just take the time as they were leaving. People were just doing the best they could under those types of circumstances. You know, many people are wondering, you know, such a big crowd, 20,000 there at that arena. Was there security? Did your bags have to be checked before you entered last night, elle? Yes, only briefly like I thought it would be more like more security like the only like glimpse into my bag. There was no body search or anything. You experienced the same thing, Jessica? I was really surprised actually because I actually saw Bruno Mars there like a couple of weeks ago. They had really like intensive searches on everybody like they were getting full-on searches all over the body and when like I was obviously lining up to meet her they did exactly the same to me just checked inside the bag and I was really shocked to be honest. And lastly, girls, anything that you want to say to people, this morning, I hope that you feel the prayers and the well wishes from everybody around the world and such a tragedy and for you so young, anyone to experience something like that, is there something, Jessica, you want to say? I just want to say thank you to everybody that's messaged us and has asked if we're okay and we're just so lucky we're alive and the scariest experience of my life and just my thoughts are with the families who lost people last night. Our thoughts and prayers, Jessica and elle. You're such brave girls. Thank you very much. 34r50es take care. Thank you. All righty. And you see why people say it was an attack on the most vulnerable. To target these young people. Yeah, you just see the horror in their faces and that

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"Jessica Pierpoint and Elle Byrne tell \"GMA\" what happened in the moments after a suspected suicide bomber set off an explosion at Manchester Arena. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"47578179","title":"Ariana Grande concertgoers describe chaos after attack","url":"/GMA/video/ariana-grande-concertgoers-describe-chaos-attack-47578179"}