Ariel Castro Accepts Plea of 'Not Less Than a Thousand Years'

Man accused of holding three women captive has his day in court.
1:49 | 07/27/13

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Transcript for Ariel Castro Accepts Plea of 'Not Less Than a Thousand Years'
This morning we're hearing for the first time -- man whose crime shocked the country. -- Castro arrested for abducting and -- think -- -- women over the course of a decade cutting a deal that will keep him off death row. As he spoke in court Castro tried to paint himself as a victim as well. ABC's -- -- as has the story. This morning for the first time we are hearing from perhaps one of the most despised man in America guilty your -- Aerial Castro accepted a plea deal it's bearing him the death penalty -- guaranteeing you'll spend the rest of his life. Behind bars if I knew I was gonna get. Pretty much of her own life in prison without parole plus a thousand years for kidnapping rape and beating and holding amend the -- cheated his -- Michelle -- Hostage inside this home for a decade. Also for the first time in court the 53 year old former school bus driver trying to explain that the heinous crime. There's something that I don't comprehend because of my sexual problems I'm all -- Even blaming his own past until the judge cut him off I was also -- victim hasn't. And it just kept. -- -- -- -- That's certainly something you can bring up percent security. It was -- 911 call that put their cold case is back in the spotlight. And led police to the home where they and a child Castro fathered with Berry were held prisoners. Castro has said in court he wants to see that child again I miss -- Daughter very much prosecutors insist they will fight to make sure that never happens. For Good Morning America Alex Perez ABC news Cleveland. That plea deal a huge relief for those three young women.

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{"id":19790877,"title":"Ariel Castro Accepts Plea of 'Not Less Than a Thousand Years'","duration":"1:49","description":"Man accused of holding three women captive has his day in court.","url":"/GMA/video/ariel-castro-accepts-plea-thousand-years-19790877","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}