Will Arnett Stars as Batman in 'The LEGO Movie'

The five-time Emmy nominee lends his voice to caped crusader in the new movie.
3:00 | 02/03/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Will Arnett Stars as Batman in 'The LEGO Movie'
There he is. On Twitter and right here live in our studio. The great will Arnett is with us. Hamming it up. Those are the pictures he took over at the Twitter mirror. He has some of the most famous vocal chords in animation. Now he's battling evil in the first ever Lego movie. This took 15 million legos to make the movie. Here's how it fits together. Relax, everybody, I'm here. Batman! What's up, babe? Babe! This is Emmitt. I'm Batman. That's your boyfriend? Hey, babe. Let's hold hands. So, uh, hey guys, I think we're about to crash in the sun? Yeah, but it's going the look really cool. So great. That was touching, wasn't it? A heartfelt moment. Will Arnett, everybody. I think th I think this is great fun. Any version of Batman, I'm good with. If you want plasticene, plaster of Paris. You didn't have to wear anything? I refused to wear anything when I record. There's a visual. Let's go there. Let's go there for a second. And we're good. And we're good. Everyone got it? Yeah. You were kind enough to do our face of "Good morning America." What would Batman say about getting up as early as you did? Are you kidding me? That was -- it's early. It's early. It's pouring snow. It's pouring snow. I have never heard that. And I grew up in Canada. That's pretty good. I'm slightly dramatic. This is -- I was saying earlier, test the calm after the storm during the storm. Yeah. But how lucky. You were at the game last night. Yeah. Great weather last night. Yeah. Your team didn't win. There's a shot from the beacon. Oh, I think I see someone. I'm a terrible cameraman. There's Batman at the game. There's payteyton manning. He was leaving the game before it started. There's a shot of him. I want to talk about quickly the film. You have said, it's great fun and we have our Lego desk here. There's a nice theme behind this. Yeah, it is -- it's a great movie. You know, actually, someone was saying this is a kids movie. I said, no, it's not. It's an everybody movie. That kids can enjoy. And the theme is really that everybody has something that they can do that -- something they're good at. And it doesn't necessarily need to fit into somebody else's definition of what is great. I took my kids to it the. They loved it. They were scared. They cried at the appropriate moment. I knew they were okay. Perfect. We have had a lot of people asking questions. I want to go to Lauren Orn Twitter. So much memorable voiceover work under your belt. When in life did you first realize your pipes were meant for greatness? Uh, you mean my vocal chords, right? If it's the Lauren I'm thinking about -- okay, this is the other Lauren. Okay. I guess -- and by pipes, it's pipe, singular. But -- ibably -- I didn't realize that there was something that I could do. That -- and I was -- I was just dumb enough to not know that it was -- that I could make a living at it. Somebody had to explain to me what voice work was. I was lucky enough to make a living far long time as purely a voice guy. Love your work. Great you do have nice -- a nice set of chords there. Thank you. Congratulations on the film. Will Arnett, everybody. The Lego movie is in theaters on

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{"id":22344311,"title":"Will Arnett Stars as Batman in 'The LEGO Movie'","duration":"3:00","description":"The five-time Emmy nominee lends his voice to caped crusader in the new movie.","url":"/GMA/video/arnett-talks-role-batman-lego-movie-22344311","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}