New York Man Finds $30 Million in Art in Garage

Man finds valuable Arthur Pinajian pieces while cleaning an investment property.
2:11 | 03/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New York Man Finds $30 Million in Art in Garage
X rays why. I -- -- -- tells people we talk about how Long Island and now without a thirty million dollar fortune. -- art -- work in his garage -- pieces have not gone down in California and across the country it is the unlikely discovery that has rocked the art world. And ABC's John Mueller has our story. When Thomas Schultz moved into this mess he never thought he'd walk out a millionaire I was surprised and thrilled. Schultz and his business partner bought this -- port New York bungalow back in 2007 as an investment property at the time they thought the 300000 dollar price tag was a bargain -- -- hot real estate market until they looked into the garage I discovered a tremendous amount of -- work. Along with trunks and -- -- and a bunch of garbage the home's owners to all the partners to throw it all away much -- was curious especially when he noticed many of the canvases were signed by the same man I just refuses to thorn in the dumpster because it sums life's work. Deserved something more than that -- -- began organizing it took years sorting through some of the 70000. Paintings drawings and journals at all. But this morning it was worth it that garbage is a gold mine a collection of original works by an obscure abstract impressionist name Arthur Penn Naji in. Who made his name illustrating comic books in the thirties it's exceedingly rare. To find an entire estate collection virtually intact rare and valuable. Schultz says the collection is now valued at some thirty million dollars 100. Times the price he paid for the whole house six years ago. My thoughts went right back to the artists and recognizing that he's not here to experience that. And I know he's smiling down on us right now. Smiling down knowing what might have been his trash is now another man's treasure. The Good Morning America John Muller ABC news New York. Everyone of us here is like. His job the most unbelievable story you want to take a closer look at this work. Fifty others landscapes are currently on exhibit at Manhattan's Fuller building -- you can buy one for a lot a lot of money -- are so beautiful beautiful Craig should -- -- right.

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"Man finds valuable Arthur Pinajian pieces while cleaning an investment property.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18682520","title":"New York Man Finds $30 Million in Art in Garage","url":"/GMA/video/arthur-pinajian-art-fortune-found-garage-york-man-18682520"}