Ashley Judd Could Take on Mitch McConnell in Political Campaign

Hollywood actress sets sights on Washington Politician for Kentucky Senate Seat.
3:22 | 03/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ashley Judd Could Take on Mitch McConnell in Political Campaign
Let's start with ashley judd. The hollywood star poised to take a big leap into hollywood. He'sears old, her mom and sister famous as the singing duo the judds. Ashley has starred in 20 films and is a fixture at kentucky wild cat basketball games. She appears very likely to run for senate in kentucky against one of the most powerful ans in america. The question this morning can she win? Ashley? Thank you. Reporter: Ashley judd, famous for getting herself into tight situations in movies likes "kiss the girls." Somebody help me. Reporter: Is now contemplating a dive into the most treacherous areen ya yet. Politics. Thinking of running in kentucky for senate against mitch McCONNELL, THE SENATE REPUBLICAN Leader. Looks likes she's all systems go for running for senate in kentucky. She's talking to folks in washington and in kentucky about it. Acting like a candidate in waiting. Reporter: No question that she's tough, as I found last year. I can wear the t-shirt that says, I do my own stunts. Reporter: Nice. Do you thing you have learned enough about fighting now that you could mess somebody up for real if you had to. I know I could. Reporter: She showed me how to throw a hollywood punch. So you hit me, for the record. I did. I did. Reporter: So why would judd throw herself into what would surely be a knock-down, drag-out political fight? She largely walked away from acting in the last decade after being treated for severe depression. After a turbulent childhood after being abused by family member and deeply lonely. I said I'm so tired of hold this pain. Reporter: After treatment, she threw herself into charity work around the world, got an advanced degree at harvard, dipped her toe back into acting, starring in the abc drama "missing." I am not cia, I am a mother, looking for her son. Reporter: She insisted her two dogs and five cats be on set. You saying without the mans there, you couldn't do the job? No, I could do the job. It just adds to qualityf life. Reporter: Her I had yoe sink sis are becoming rich fodder. Republicans pointing out adds she doesn't live in kentucky. And it just clicked. Tennessee is home. And it just clicked -- Reporter: Could she win? McCONNELL IS DEEP LY ENTRENCHED. Going into it, you have to consider her an underdog, as any democrat would be against mitch McCONNELL, ESPECIALLY WITH THE Record of public statements she has. It will be hard to overcome. She will be able to raise a ton of money. Incredible name recognition. If she gets into the race, it will be epic. mitch McConnell is a very powerful man. She'll be able to handle the mud-slinging, doing her own stunts. She's tough. A lot of other news

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{"id":18692032,"title":"Ashley Judd Could Take on Mitch McConnell in Political Campaign","duration":"3:22","description":"Hollywood actress sets sights on Washington Politician for Kentucky Senate Seat.","url":"/GMA/video/ashley-judd-mitch-mcconnell-political-campaign-18692032","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}