Ashton Kutcher's Latest Job: Playing Steve Jobs

The actor reveals how he transformed himself into the late founder of Apple for "Jobs."
3:00 | 08/16/13

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Transcript for Ashton Kutcher's Latest Job: Playing Steve Jobs
Off your protectionist and think it. They're looking at losses in the millions before the -- to talk to crap. -- seen the -- picture from shareholders. To pass their -- shows the concern about the here and now and the -- got blinders on they concede they take them off the -- either way I see you the way -- employees sequence. It's my product. It's fine. And they're taking it away from me. Including in particular that. Well Steve you know that's not true. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn we we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's a major happening right now called jobs which is not about your appointment but about. Steve Jobs. And it stars Ashton Kutcher in I think the best acting I've ever seen him do. Seeing I would have said that even if he wasn't sitting right here but Ashton welcomed his -- Thank you think -- seen yet. To look at how much I mean. I I'm just trying to figure out how it happened how it went is -- because on Two and a Half Men you're playing an Internet billionaire and they said yes. Yes I should only -- there -- do with the infinite amount. It is the only thing -- -- didn't. So hoping that there -- more Internet. Heroes that are formed -- couple but you know -- limiting yourself you're putting yourself in this box but who was it who had the idea where does this soft comfort. I read what I what I read the script I was immediately insisted my agents and the screenplay and Everett. -- that I have to be. -- -- The director. Was already on the film -- reached the we met the next day. Sat and talked about how we both saw the story now we both felt about. Steve Jobs and the legacy of Steve Jobs. And the next -- It doesn't happen like that what he's talking and that's how best it and the next -- you got must yeah that's it so then. Even this fantastical thing happens where the next day you're hired what do you do -- -- panic he's saying coming to do this. -- are working on the character that. I had three months to prepare for the role which is accused of liberty and -- -- world -- It's. But I used every second of -- a disorder. Trying to. But there was some inconsistencies. In behavior in the script that I could justify I couldn't understand. And so I just started tearing -- apart. And trying to figure. Who's this guy -- -- -- pretty complicated guy. -- -- at a very polarizing personality. And in trying to get to the core of that attributed the essence of of that. Was an arduous task read everything you read about it I watched every video -- this and every sound file that I could hear. And an -- are consuming the contents he consumed in and the connect entrepreneurs that -- -- mired in the music you listen to him. Eating the food -- reading the book she read him and studying artists that he appreciated. To try to understand why he made the choices he made in and you know what is generally you Phillips was -- in life so that when I was playing roulette in -- have to think about it you just -- -- it just was there. But you do. It's not a transformation. In terms of make up or prosthetics -- anything that you actually. Don't look like two -- you look like -- you have before she have a way of walking in the -- there's a -- Yeah that isn't yours. You know getting his sort of mannerisms and his -- and this really specific things that were kind of like chronically -- in his gestures and and and things like. You know it's a process of picking the guy apartment trying to put it all back together. The difficult part -- that a lot of people know Steve Jobs -- very. Present in the current zeitgeist and and any people love him and admire him. And -- ton -- video on this guy like the last twenty years of his life for extremely well documented. And so why -- people ordered -- to make that face to face comparison. And it and it became very important for me to understand. Not just through Steve Jobs was the Steve Jobs -- everybody remembered because that's who he wanted you to see but how he came to be to become that person. What about vocal. It's vocal lead. Yet when he got excited he had a little bit of a higher pitch in his voice and it was it was this. It kind of distinct thing it's sort of picked out. And he is one of his Paris is from Wisconsin. -- a little bit of a midwest accent but one of his other parents was from northern California so. When he said it all higher -- keep it came from of little fifth in northern California. As those kind of a combination of the northern California in the midwest they -- it created that Steve Jobs voice. -- -- -- was and he talked to lots because console whose in his voice so there was like. Little bit of arresting us the -- with that as well -- be doing lying in bed with this and yet he really says it was just this content you must have been so much fun to live. -- -- -- -- -- And I I had in my car I don't file Mike barz and then -- one. My nightstand and so as I would go to sleep it just listen to Steve Jobs -- -- wake -- in the morning you'd still replying now. Steve Jobs had a reputation also wore. Being temperamental. You know you -- get you -- happen this time this isn't your thing. Heck did I can do this but one issue -- -- actually and being really -- would happen its Heathrow thanks. -- -- -- I usually take -- be. And then I usually find somebody who's -- friend. -- -- could trust and I've sent to them about how frustrated I am. And then I start to look at how I created the problem. And how maybe I was the cause of this issue and that night and I can address. It doesn't seem to be the Steve Jobs way now of doing things he did is -- -- There's something in this movie that I. Don't see in a lot of movies that talk about somebody who -- -- -- something or who came up with the idea of something and that's. The joy in the work up. Yeah you know the -- because it's difficult it's never it's usually more. -- yes. Thing and yet when he was left alone he got -- money needed he got the funding it was okay. But and he's just -- lane with those toys and he's made and something. That joy in him comes across. Yeah I think he. Whose ultimate satisfaction when. When something was close to perfect I don't think anything was ever perfect person I think who was is a -- that. Receive love by creating products that other people love. And when people loved. That product in turn. Meant that they -- him then it's who's aware that he can to have. Trust in his life an -- system so that joy that he got out of creating things building things -- actually. Was actually he was manifesting. Well. And you know I I -- and subways which we could've gotten a little bit more of the myths GPS. Fallen. Steve because he really was like distance devious -- charismatic guy -- Self. Sustaining but that's what I am I feel that same way because I don't know what he would do like that go with. They go with view and pumped. Could -- the pond Steve Jobs and if you did it how would you do what would be your -- in too deep. Is finally DuPont that we try to break people down and understand. What -- really get under the skin. There's are very important part of making that show. Steve Jobs I would actually. It's in some way force him to sit through the most -- is awful PowerPoint presentation -- he hated PowerPoint presentations. And then I would find a way to start presenting him. Really half fast work. What Susan just dislike. You know like somebody's like this is the Prague this is that Steve we think it's great we worked on it and then just. -- -- do in effect has the one thing he could not handle was half past work like he felt like somebody. To have Bassett and turned something and then he we just lose it. It's it will be it is somewhere in that world. It would have been a great thing to say it. I don't know why you never tried or in the middle of one of -- I mean the best thing would be in the middle more of what of his keynotes just like. Have something like really go down and here it is because if you got a good shot. That something bad bad Riordan that he notes there was a camera that he was supposed to be. Using independent and couldn't get it to work movement and he got so pissed at one -- the he'd like through the camp Patrick guy. The that -- that would you live. What was the most surprising thing you learned through this. About Steve Jobs. That you didn't think would actually be a part of him when you decided to play this part. Well. One thing that I definitely learned is it's -- -- the horrors. To make things simple. And I think that goes for everything. But I think it was something. That Steve Jobs is -- This is the thing that really gets me. You are an entrepreneur. -- acting doing this you've you know you're in TV series you're doing yet I -- -- -- Yeah but -- had time to do this. I don't. OK I told -- I don't I get the feeling like you're making something now that. You leave and you get in there something in your pocket and you pull that and it's just another entrepreneurial idea. I would think that would have to be its jobs is attraction -- and to I had five people in my. It's -- -- right now building accompanying. Five engineers that are building something. -- -- and its I think of him and crow. I'm really excited about it what happens leases that are problem -- -- what happens when it's not incredible how do you do you think they'll. You know you fail you fail fast and try to failed quietly and succeed as -- -- you can't. You know that's been quietly remember that that's the good I -- you know it's I've blown. -- himself but I loved working with entrepreneurs. You know do we have time is you surround yourself with people who were. -- smarter than you. All the time. Always try to surround yourself with. Folks that you admire. And people that you won't work for and work -- And in what happens is is that you start getting a -- -- Because you all help each other and you figure out ways to create efficiencies and work faster and work better and create a better product and. It's that's what it -- back -- that -- and actually wonderful lead into how we always end the show which isn't song. Look at this it was too little bit of something I don't know it could be -- that Steve Jobs. But what was he he was still in person well so I don't know what kind of person more. Which music it is that in this -- like country music and then we'll give me a little pieces something. Tickets out of a sudden I saw him. In the town where was raised the clocks tick then the cattle graze. Of about. -- pretty good since we know it's it's and we have to fill that Nintendo doesn't yet. We -- back where outcome from. Well be limits the it and -- things. -- but that was really good and I think I'm proud is due on Kuznetsov we're. All right check this guy up there yeah. Little. Now I -- to -- -- I'm Yang Yang GAAP -- -- Asked -- thank you thank you it's so early in the morning included got a good.

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{"id":19981897,"title":"Ashton Kutcher's Latest Job: Playing Steve Jobs","duration":"3:00","description":"The actor reveals how he transformed himself into the late founder of Apple for \"Jobs.\"","url":"/GMA/video/ashton-kutchers-latest-job-playing-steve-jobs-movie-19981897","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}