Asia McClain Speaks Out About 'Serial's' Adnan Syed

Adnan Syed's former classmate claims she was with Syed at the time he is accused of the murder.
3:22 | 02/10/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Asia McClain Speaks Out About 'Serial's' Adnan Syed
Back now with an ABC news exclusive. That "Serial" podcast captivating millions across the country. Now the star witness who could break the case wide open and she is talking only to "Gma." Amy, you have the details in this fascinating case. Even if you aren't among the millions who paid attention to this case you'll want to listen up. The judge said that the hearing to determine if Adnan Syed will get a new trial garnered more attention than any other proceeding he'd ever seen in his state and you'll see why when you listen up. This is a prepaid call from -- Adnan Syed. Reporter: Adnan Syed's story has captivated millions since the 2014 launch of the podcast "Serial" turning listeners into armchair detectives. It recounts a then 17-year-old Syed's arrest and conviction for the 1999 murder of his high school ex-girlfriend hae min lee. Syed was sentenced to life behind bars but has always and maintained his innocence. His initial attempts to appeal the verdict unsuccessful. It is what it is. If someone believes me or not, I have no control over it. Reporter: The now 34-year-old is getting another chance. This week in a post-conviction relief hearing Syed's attorney argues his lawyer at the time of the conviction had been ineffective arguing she made so many mistakes that his conviction should be overturned. To not ever contact Asia Mcclain, to never find out if her story helps or hurts your case, that makes no sense whatsoever. That is not a strategy. Reporter: One of those alleged mistakes highlighted by "Serial" host Sara Koenig failing to contact a potentially key alibi witness, Asia Mcclain. If there was nom technicality that then would prove his innocence, great, you know. But I think, I think Asia, you might be that technicality. Reporter: After hearing her in the podcast Syed's defense team called Mcclain to testify during the new hearing. Mcclain maintaining she was with Syed at the time prosecutors contend he killed lee. I was sitting in the library bored to tears and someone walked in that I knew. I asked him about his breakup with haee she was dating someone else. He just wanted her to be happy. He didn't seem to be disturbed or angry with her. Reporter: This morning, she is speaking out exclusion lively to ABC news. The biggest thing was setting a good example for our children, leaving a legacy of integrity. Reporter: But prosecutors say justice was served 16 years ago. Mcclain admits she does not have all the answers. Do I think Adnan killed hae? Honestly I couldn't tell you. I hope I was able to provide enough information to the judge for him to be able to make a rational decision. Whatever that might be is in his hands. As for Syed, after spending nearly half ace life in prison, he is thankful for his day in court. Reporter: The judge did not rule on the five-day hearing and no timetable on when he will but know that millions are waiting to see what happens and if you guys haven't listened to this podcast it is truly fascinating. I whipped through it in a few days. Pretty gripping right there. Absolutely. It's fascinating. Thank you so much, Amy.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"Adnan Syed's former classmate claims she was with Syed at the time he is accused of the murder.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36830890","title":"Asia McClain Speaks Out About 'Serial's' Adnan Syed","url":"/GMA/video/asia-mcclain-speaks-serials-adnan-syed-36830890"}