Austin Mahone Hospitalized, Cancels Tour Dates

Teenage pop star gets treatment for blood clot forcing him to cancel concert dates.
3:00 | 10/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Austin Mahone Hospitalized, Cancels Tour Dates
I was thinking this morning about the immortal words of austin mahone. Quote, what about love? What about our promises? The teen pop star promised his fans a major tour this fall. But that is now all on hold. Did you like my dramatic reading of austin mahone? I love it, dan. And you tweeted that, too. Austin mahone instagraming this picture of him in the hospital. This is a serious story. What's going on here? Reena ninan is here with the details. Reporter: It is pretty serious. The panic began when mahone wasn't feeling well for a few days. He was hospitalized. And the illness couldn't come for a worst time for the singer, who expected to be on tour this weekend. It was this song. ♪ What about promises ♪ Reporter: Getting millions of hits on youtube, to get him started. Not unlike justin bieber's rise to fame. He has been getting seen across america in this commercial. More than 4 million twitter followers, say get well soon to the singer. On thursday, mahone announced that a mysterious illness had forced him to cancel his upcoming mtv artist to watch concert tour. We're hearing more and more about singers, professionals, who use their voice, to an extreme level and extreme degree. Reporter: The singer instagraming this photo with the message, I've never felt so bad. This morning, mahone is recovering in a hospital after his respects say, he had a 104-degree fever, blood clots in his throat and dehydration. For someone in the hospital for a high fever, dehydration, and a blood clot on the vocal chords is probably in a fair amount of pain. Reporter: Mahone wiled his fans with this vma performance in august. And noted how quickly he's rocketed to music stardom. Last summer, I was in my room. Reporter: Now, he's singing a tune of disappointment. His mom, michelle, tweeting from his account, we feel very bad. But we have no choice but to postpone the tour for now. Thank you for your prayers. #Prayforaustin. Some of the concerts for his tour will be rescheduled down the road. But even those have now been canceled. But is there any hope that either of you two will step in? Possibility of singing a tune or two? I would deeply disappoint mahoneys everywhere. Please, get well soon. Thanks, reena. Coming up on "good morning

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{"id":20621490,"title":"Austin Mahone Hospitalized, Cancels Tour Dates","duration":"3:00","description":"Teenage pop star gets treatment for blood clot forcing him to cancel concert dates.","url":"/GMA/video/austin-mahone-hospitalized-cancels-tour-dates-20621490","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}