Avril Lavigne on How Lyme Disease Has Affected Her Life, Career

The singer opens up about her battle with the illness and her plans going forward.
3:43 | 04/16/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Avril Lavigne on How Lyme Disease Has Affected Her Life, Career
An ABC news exclusive with Avril Lavigne. She's been dealing with Lyme disease for months. We'll talk to her from her home after a bit of what she's been dealing with. This morning, she's fighting back. ? Everything wasn't okay ? Reporter: She became ill on tour last April. When doctors told her it was just dehydration and exhaustion. She knew it was something more. She got several opinions and was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease. ? I was scared I was so alone ? Reporter: The 30-year-old was scared and kept her diagnosis out of the public eye until December. She sent a message to a fan. I'm not feeling well, I'm having some health issues. So please keep me in your prayers. The message went viral. ? Keep holding on ? Reporter: This morning, she's on the road to recovery from a debilitating illness. And she's on the phone right now from her home, Avril, can you hear us? How are you feeling? Hi, guys. I'm well. I'm doing well. Thank you. We saw you really had to push hard for this diagnosis. Didn't know what was wrong for the longest time. I went from doctor to doctor for about eight months. Until I found somebody that had the knowledge behind this disease and the experience of treating it. I actually knew I had it the whole time. Probably since the summer. And, I just was up against a lot of doctors telling me, you're crazy. It's either -- some of them were like it doesn't exist. I was like, but this is really happening to me. So, it was pretty unacceptable and frustrating. That's why I'm here today the talk about it, to bring awareness. To hopefully help other people. What have you learned about it? What kinds of adjustments have you had to make? Well, I believe that I will come out of this healthier and stronger than I was before. Um -- I have gained a lot of perspective on my life. I have never had this much down time. So it's been good in that sense. And -- um -- I'm really just choosing to look at the positives. Today I'm releasing a song. That's what we wanted to ask you about. That's fantastic. It's called "Fly." It's a single for the special olympics. Tell us about it. I wrote "Fly" for my foundation a couple years ago. I partnered up with the special olympics. And -- all the net proceeds go to the special olympics. It's about inner strength and courage. I shot a music video. I wanted the athletes to be the stars. Just like the message of the song, to show the world that they can overcome their channels and -- and that everyone is meant to shine. And this song took on a whole new meaning for me during the time that I've been sick. Which was pretty magical. Yeah. And everyone will get a chance to hear and see that video in a little bit right here on "Gma." Avril, thank you so much. For joining us this morning. We're glad you're feeling better. We're glad you're back to work. E question not wait to see fly in a little bit. Thank you, Avril. This is so important. A lot of people are affected by this. They feel that no up with takes it seriously. It's wonderful she's doing that.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"The singer opens up about her battle with the illness and her plans going forward. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30359325","title":"Avril Lavigne on How Lyme Disease Has Affected Her Life, Career","url":"/GMA/video/avril-lavigne-lyme-disease-affected-life-career-30359325"}