Avril Lavigne Opens Up About Her Struggle With Lyme Disease

The pop singer shares her nightmarish experience battling the disease that has put her life, and world tour, on hold.
4:05 | 06/29/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Avril Lavigne Opens Up About Her Struggle With Lyme Disease
This morning's hot button is superstar singer Avril Lavigne, opening up about her battle with Lyme disease. Jesse palmer is here with this ABC news exclusive. I got the sate down with her for a candid conversation. She described the anguish she faced an coming to the realization she would soon be putter her career, her life, her world tour on hold. Avril Lavigne, the stop star now opening up. Ready to fly again. ? We were all meant to fly ? Reporter: Speaking candidly about the disease that brought her life to a grinding halt. I became bed-ridden last October. And, I was in Los Angeles, I was like, literally, the worst time of my life. And, I was seeing every specialist. And -- like, literally, the top doctors. And, they were just like, you know, they would -- so stupid. They would pull up their computer and be like, chronic fatigue syndrome or, why don't you try to get out of bed and just go play the piano. Are you depressed? They don't have an answer for people with Lyme disease. They tell them like, you're crazy. Reporter: Her nightmare began on tour. I woke up, I had night sweats. I felt like I had the flu. And this went on and off for a month. I saw my doctor right way. Got blood tests. Got swabbed. They didn't know what was wrong. Reporter: When did you first suspect Lyme disease? Probably two months into having it. Reporter: She became her own health advocate. I figured out, find a Lyme specialist. You're a specialist. You can dig nose through symptoms. Reporter: She said fans from Arnold the world have carried her through her diagnosis. Stay strong. We're praying for you. I sat in bed. Watched the videos. I cried through the whole thing and I, I honestly felt very -- very loved. And -- it sounds silly saying it. But I truly did feel my fans through the process. Reporter: Avril says her regimen includes antibiotics and lots of rest. I'm seeing progress. I'm about halfway through the treatment. The thing that's good for me to know, I'm grateful to know that I will make 100% recovery. Reporter: That's great news. Someone subpoenas out there suffering, is there message to them? There is hope. Lyme disease does exist. And you can get better. ? There's a lighter side of all of us ? I think for me, it's a second shot at life. I want to go out there and truly do what I love. ? It's like a diamond you just have to find it ? so I'm so excited for life after this. ? Your time to fly ? What a beautiful smile. And her husband, Chad Kroeger, also dealing with a health crisis. He'll soon have surgery to remove a cyst on his voice box. The first thing she plans to do, performing her single fly on July 25th at the opening ceremonies of the special olympics. You'll have a front row seat. You'll be there hosting. We're so excited she'll be there. People don't take this seriously. Thousands of people are sufficientering. They don't know it. I think Avril's story is so inspirational. She's a rock star. You trust your gut to not let people tell you you're crazy. I can't wait for her to P perform. And what a voice. Move og on the heat index.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"The pop singer shares her nightmarish experience battling the disease that has put her life, and world tour, on hold.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32098159","title":"Avril Lavigne Opens Up About Her Struggle With Lyme Disease","url":"/GMA/video/avril-lavigne-opens-struggle-lyme-disease-32098159"}