Award-Winning Chef David Myers Cooks Up a Fall Feast

Chef Myers shows the "GMA" co-anchors the best autumn recipes to wow a crowd.
2:56 | 10/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Award-Winning Chef David Myers Cooks Up a Fall Feast
We are delighted to welcome award-winning chef and restauranteur david myers. Celebrated all around the world. Today, bringing fall dishes from his restaurant at the cosmopolitan of las vegas. Thanks for having me. Nine restaurants around the world. But today, I want to talk to you about these dishes. All coming to us from las vegas. That's right. I know you're the spokesperson for the definition. We know about the folks in the desert. Most amazing city in the world. Actually the fall menu? This is our fall menu. I'm going to make a little bolognese here. It's a great fall dish. I like the flavors. Start with some olive oil. You're going to cook this 10 to 15 minutes. Then, we're going to add some lamb right here and pork. We mix it up. And stir it up and get it brown. Whatever meats. And the combo meat is off titen times it gives you texture. A little more richness to it. I love it when it gets the caramelized color here. This is amazing. Look at this. We have a nice, beautifully roasted -- we're going to add some red wine and some stock to this now. A little chicken stock. Throwing this in. If you're forcing us. Throw in a little red wine and sauce. This has been cooking for a bit. We're going to add the chicken livers in this in a second. Add the tomatoes. Want to add a little bit of cream. We reduce this by half. Really gets the sauce superdeveloped. Very rich. Look at that color. Beautiful. Once we have that down. You see the color. Really rich. Totally beautiful. We're going to add some fresh herbs and chicken livers at the last second. This is where we get that french touch to it. Chicken livers has been added. A little bit of herbs here. Butter if you want. Fresh pepper. And look at that right there. If you don't want to make fresh pasta at home, you can buy hard pasta. Easy to do pit. We're going to dress it. We love your brussels sprouts. You have already done that. That's very simple. We just deep-fry those. Chili, honey, lavender butter. Heirloom carrots. Amazing. Thank you so much. You can check out david's restaurant comme ca You, uh, here for the interview?

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{"id":20585862,"title":"Award-Winning Chef David Myers Cooks Up a Fall Feast","duration":"2:56","description":"Chef Myers shows the \"GMA\" co-anchors the best autumn recipes to wow a crowd.","url":"/GMA/video/award-winning-chef-david-myers-cooks-fall-feast-20585862","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}