Baby Got Swag: Gifts for a Future Monarch

Baby gifts for a future monarch.
3:00 | 06/25/13

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Transcript for Baby Got Swag: Gifts for a Future Monarch
Find the perfect gift for -- meeting that will -- called this home. So we're gonna feel a shopping starting right here at Bergdorf Goodman on New York's that and -- would. Chances -- that proverbial question what do you get someone. Let's say the next heir apparent is a baby girl a royal gown is a must. Every -- -- -- And this season silk organza custom made. -- Jones calories. These are often -- are all put and I hand this is. Custom size custom color. Custom price tag at 650. Dollars of course Buckingham Palace the big place and crawling on hands and knees is so -- So how about some luxury wheels for about 450 dollars. What little -- -- Like the tool around in their own little CDs. But what is the weight limit. I'm I don't think it -- another thing all right over the few stuffed animals for the anniversary. Almost life size mechanical and just a couple thousand dollars apiece and loved this program through ground that -- 500. And then we've got hurt -- Around sixty. Born with a silver spoon in -- Then for about 100 dollars. You can put that first -- in this sterling silver holder from cars Sheffield. And for those royal slum rivers and perhaps William and Catherine may choose plastic. As in an all clear acrylic crib from veteran. Ultra modern ultra luxury and more than 3000 dollars. For getting out and about among their royal subjects they -- could be riding in British style. The silver cross -- stroller is a royal tradition. Queen Elizabeth Prince Charles and Prince William have all enjoyed this smooth ride from these handcrafted British but -- And for around 3000 dollars the news there could enjoy the company's limited edition. Aston Martin -- trimmed and leather engineered like a luxury sports car. They're only making 800. So yeah whether it's silver -- who were stuck there's simply no excuse to send. Diapers to Buckingham Palace. And that -- ABC news New York.

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{"id":19487831,"title":"Baby Got Swag: Gifts for a Future Monarch","duration":"3:00","description":"Baby gifts for a future monarch.","url":"/GMA/video/baby-swag-19487831","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}