New 'Bachelor' Revealed! Chris Soules Is Looking for Love

Fan favorite, farmer Chris Soules, 32, describes his perfect woman and how he's preparing to be ABC's "Bachelor."
4:10 | 08/27/14

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Transcript for New 'Bachelor' Revealed! Chris Soules Is Looking for Love
new bachelor. When and sent him home viewers couldn't decide were they disappointed or happy because that meant he was still on the market? Ready to find out who he is? Yes. Let's do it. Come on out, Mr. New bachelor. Hello, Chris Soules. Thank you. Already he knows the moves. Already. Unique although you do that a lot, I'm sure. On the way in -- We love your story before we get to talking to you about being in the hot seat, so to speak. A look back at your "The bachelor" journey. From the moment Chris Soules stepped out of the limo, he had bachelorette and Dorfman and America swooning. What's your name. Chris. I'm from Iowa. Reporter: The farmer from Iowa quickly became known for his million dollar smile and chifallous ways. You clean up nice. You are amazing, oh, my gosh. Hi. But also the first kiss of the season. One of his signature moves throughout the show. Small, romantic gestures. I can't wait to see your gorgeous face. Love, your secret admirer. One not so small. Oh, my god. That is the cutest thing you've ever done. Reporter: During his hometown date showing off his playful side, as well. While making it clear his heart will always be in Iowa with his family and his farm. It's important to me to be here. Reporter: Ultimately and would say good-bye to Chris just before the finale leaving him heartbroken. And women all over thrilled. Do you want to date this guy? Absolutely, yes. Now Chris says he is ready to find his soul mate. So excited to have Chris Soules here for an exclusive first live interview as the new bachelor. Congratulations. We know you love double STUF oreso. Are they really your favorite? They are. They are. Usually have to have a big thing of milk to go with it. We forgot the milk. Just kidding. So we all want to know what was your reaction when they said, okay, you're up if you want it? I mean, I was humbled, flattered. Grateful. I mean coming from a small town, I had never really expected to have this opportunity to be on either show let alone be the lead on the "The bachelor" so it's been awesome. How many people back home know about all this and what's been their reaction? The whole state probably. I was able to tell my parents and my family and they're extremely excited for me. I know they're watching. Mom's favorite show. Hi, mom, hi, dad. So it's been awesome. Everybody has been very supportive. Was your experience on "The bachelorette" what you expected. No, I really didn't really think that I could go on there. I didn't know that I could go on there and fall in love that quickly. But -- You fell in love. I really did. I did and I told and that. And I was honest in those feelings. Do you think you could fall in love again. Absolutely. That's why I'm doing it. I believe in the process and what I went through on the previous show and that's why I'm doing it. I wouldn't do it if I didn't feel like that. Of what you went through, what can you learn from it because we saw the sadness and you did fall in love so what will you take from that and bring to this? My focus will be to make the girls that are on the show as comfortable as possible. That's my first initial challenge was just letting opening up to and and getting over the -- How are you going to do ha with all these women looking at you wanting to be with you. It's going to be hard. That is that like asks Ryan. My goodness. Have any advice? It'll be fun. I don't know. I'll do my best. I think I'll do well. I'm looking forward to it. Congratulations. We're looking forward to it, as well. Thank you, thank you. We'll all be watching.

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{"id":25142174,"title":"New 'Bachelor' Revealed! Chris Soules Is Looking for Love","duration":"4:10","description":"Fan favorite, farmer Chris Soules, 32, describes his perfect woman and how he's preparing to be ABC's \"Bachelor.\"","url":"/GMA/video/bachelor-revealed-chris-soules-love-25142174","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}