Back to School: Sandra Lee's Healthy Lunches

The TV chef is live in Times Square with several nutritious - and delicious - lunch ideas.
4:41 | 08/24/16

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Transcript for Back to School: Sandra Lee's Healthy Lunches
We're back now with our be your best series. This morning, we have the ABCs of how the pack a great meal for your child's lunchbox. Disney wanting to teach parents how to make a special meal kids will love. These kids are already enjoying them. We're going the get on the kid helpers in a minute. They're having fun. It's about fun, thoughtful, healthy meals. Just because it's healthy doesn't mean it's not delicious. It's hard finding healthy snacks. Our first tip is to have breakfast for lunch. This is something you can make ahead and take quickly. Now, here I have apple and cinnamon muffins. I have ham and cheese muffins. Now, the base in the seek are et to both is going to be a whole wheat pancake and waffle mix. Your eggs, oil, water, all that stuff. This here, ham, cheese, and peppers. All right. Get it on in there. This is going to be a very fast lunch, too. I like it this way. When everyone else does it. Take your scooper. Right. Most of the year, that goes into the drawer because ice cream, it's not going to be hot outside. Scoop it in. 18 minute, 350. Then they're ready to go. ? These a These are beautiful. One of the things kids love are funners festive ideas for lunch that ore kids don't have. Now, if you have ewe need something fluten free, or your child has peanut allergies, these are great ideas. This is a lunch in a jar. This is a Mexican salad. So, I always find that if you use what the kids love, which is salsa, what they want, low sodium. Buy the low sodium version. Lettu lettuce, corn, black beans, chicken. You have lunch in a jar. And they want these, too. Fwluten free tortilla chips. And in these beautiful jars, fantastic snacks. This is rang dressing, 50/50 with yogurt. You put it in the bottom of a jar. You have carrots, celery. Peppers. Now this one does have fluten in it because you have the celery sticks. But in here, hummus. Love that. So do my kids. Here's the deal. If the kids cook it, they will eat it. Get them in the kitchen. Take them grocery shopping. Oh, my goodness. She had a lot of mustard. All the way down. All the way. A nice start. You could stop there and do a little decor. What you're doing are cutting out their sandwiches with cookie cutters. These are just Turkey and avocado. Great with a little bit of lettuce. Avocado instead of mayo. These are whole wheat wraps. I would use apples and almond butter instead of peanut butter. ? And kids like to eat things that look fun. And that they made. These are Panko oven-baked chicken nuggets. I love the containers. Cow could do marinara. I tasted those. They're really good. Very good job. Doing great job. Now this is fabulous. These are granola bars and energy balls. An energy ball is the hottest, newest thing. Very easy to make. There's a bee on there. See, everybody loves it. Bees only go after flowers and, like, real food, right? These are oats, cinnamon, almond butter again. Get the almond butter instead of peanut butter. You'll love it. I really want to eat one of these. This is a no-base granola. You have oats, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, a few more ingredients. Coconut, and coconut nectar or agave nectar. Get these recipes on gm

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"The TV chef is live in Times Square with several nutritious - and delicious - lunch ideas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41604900","title":"Back to School: Sandra Lee's Healthy Lunches","url":"/GMA/video/back-school-sandra-lees-healthy-lunches-41604900"}