Backstage at the 2016 Emmy Awards

ABC News' Lara Spencer goes backstage with the biggest stars on the biggest night in television.
3:54 | 09/19/16

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Transcript for Backstage at the 2016 Emmy Awards
Special edition of pot means from where. Thank you so much story get downtown LA missing you very much want to tell you about the incredible time we had after. Free and eat red carpet show I got the behind the scenes. He also inside scoop from your favorite stars I want the biggest winners of the night even reminding me. In years ago I actually get started him in a sitcom where I played. Bloom in minister. Yes I forgot about that one but unfortunately he did not check it out. It's always one of my favorite award show moments when stars July. Like this unexpected red carpet moment Amy Schubert and if the trouble it's. I think he spent about there as I couldn't have loved by show. Com could get it kind of we have the cooler person cannot know this mile delay this is the best who want limited government John you're nominated for. The OJ Simpson had just done a tremendous performance did you happen to see yeah turns out that it looks like he did it. And to the start sterling K brown hair balls at each taking home an Emmy for playing Chris Darden and Marcia Clark. How did you impromptu reunion backstage I see somebody you know honoring her faircloth and now music singing your crazy. They're taking a load off of them feeds I understand anything about it Xena I do and I weigh very heavy love your speech was so lovely. And sterling was very flattered sterling K brown if I had more time I would never stopped filling your your virtues suffice it to say I'm holding it because if you. I think if stories being driven company the end of the day it absolutely was entertaining but there are two people who lives were hurt you know was knocked out weight and even when. And Travolta says he was staying alive all night to celebrate these people first OJ Simpson. Co stars we promise they lose their whole life. He promised that we would have drinks and have fun this level of success rarely happens. And I I want to take advantage of from now to six damn I'm. To each party is yes absolutely I love it. Would hinge watching changing the way we watch TV I couldn't resist finding out the favorites of the night's winners are great British big golf I got very it's a great show. All of down from having yeah. I did last six seasons stranger things like everybody else administrative things. I didn't strange twist face turns out that he Michael GP ME winning rider sketch show key and healed and I go way back. To Penn State's I would be here. Along with the uniform and we run a T. Yes and I played out weird that we are delighted that our rights pastor and I didn't sign up for later whips the ball. Limiting the shooting drives I'm not an accident nonetheless I didn't actually like pastor yeah I was really for you you you reviewer marrying me NBC net I. Can give about. A day carries. So how I can now say in all honesty I've been in a sitcom but an Andy winner key again. And an Emmy nominees C nationally casting agents are out there are rotten Barr Karl. This really could be guys you know how hard we work tonight rare this is how this is how it all came together. But it does every hour the dream team so you aren't. I happen this is. Kelly and Serena made it is he's is happening went yeah. Okay thanks Lara bring. They're usually you have to get us all off the fact he played a pastor and a sitcom reveal what was that about. You know it was not typecasting George. What would rather sit there under your arms like I cannot believe she pulled up. It did not sweat in our sweat but hey guys that don't worry you look great great job Laird a great job lady.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"ABC News' Lara Spencer goes backstage with the biggest stars on the biggest night in television.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42190373","title":"Backstage at the 2016 Emmy Awards","url":"/GMA/video/backstage-2016-emmy-awards-42190373"}