Baldwin on Alleged Stalker: 'I Wasn't Sure if She Had a Gun'

The actor testifies against Genevieve Sabourin, who is on trial for stalking him.
2:20 | 11/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Baldwin on Alleged Stalker: 'I Wasn't Sure if She Had a Gun'
alec baldwin, facing off in open court, against the woman he says relentlessly stalked him for years. She's taking the stand today, a day after baldwin broke down during a number of explosionsive changes while testifying. What job did you want to do that you failed at? Reporter: Alec baldwin sparring with paparazzi tuesday. But that was nothing compared to what went on inside the courtroom as he faced off with his alleged stalker. Genevieve sabourin. Are you a stalker? I'm not. Reporter: The canadian actress charged with 23 counts of harassment and one count of stalking. She's pleaded not guilty. I haven't done anything. Reporter: In court, a fired-up sabourin, repeatedly rupting the 55-year-old actor and his wife, during their testimony. Again and again, shouting, you're lying. On the stand, baldwin's demeanor, increasingly emotional. While recounting the day he proposed to his wife in the hamptons. Baldwin testifying that when he saw sabourin pull up in a car, i ran to tell my wife not to go near the door because I wasn't sure if she had a gun. The actor read out loud several e-mails from his alleged stalker, who he met through a friend. He said her behavior was something out of a hitchcock movie. I want to be your wife now. Say yes. Allegedly asking baldwin for a new wardrobe, car and jewels, and a baby she called a minibaldwin. In court, sabourin's interruptions continued, when baldwin denied having sex with her, after they had lunch together in 2010. She shouted, really? And pointed to her hip saying, he has a scar. I can prove I had a relationship with him. But he's lying. Reporter: Hilaria baldwin testified that sabourin showed up at her east village apartment, last easter. But was stopped by the doorman. That prompted another outburst from sabourin, who shouted, she's lying. And you're going to hell. Hilaria baldwin went on to describe what she called menacing tweets from sabourin. Accusing her of faking her pregnancy. Hilaria ended her testimony by saying, I'm terrified of her. The trial resumes this afternoon. For "good morning america," ron claiborne, abc news.

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{"id":20873829,"title":"Baldwin on Alleged Stalker: 'I Wasn't Sure if She Had a Gun'","duration":"2:20","description":"The actor testifies against Genevieve Sabourin, who is on trial for stalking him.","url":"/GMA/video/baldwin-alleged-stalker-gun-20873829","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}