Banker Talks About Faking His Death

Aubrey Lee Price left suicide notes to his family and friends after disappearing on a ferry in Key West.
2:58 | 08/06/14

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Transcript for Banker Talks About Faking His Death
Now to the incredible story of a Georgia pastor who faked his own death after getting caught embezzling millions from his clients of the he is speaking out for the first time about how he did it and his life on the run. And ABC's linsey Davis is here with this. This one is a doozy. Sounds like it's right out of a movie. Good morning to you, Amy. It's all on tape. 2 1/2 hours of audiotapes from an interview he did with a freelance reporter from "Esquire." That writer gave ABC the audio recordings where he claims Aubrey lee price is telling the truth about what happened after the husband and father of four appeared to have jumped to his own death off of a ferry. This is the last time we saw Aubrey lee price, the preacher turned financial adviser who faked his own death leaving behind the customers whose millions of dollars he had stolen. He is a liar. Reporter: In June of 2012 after sending suicide notes to his family and friends, Aubrey lee price boarded a ferry in key west and simply disappeared. He was arrested 18 months later in Georgia after a routine traffic stop. Now, a freelance reporter for "Atlanta" magazine and says price is revealing for the first time what he did in those 18 months. First month and a half it was just trying to survive and trying to think can I get my mind back. I had no desire to on the Earth. Reporter: Bethea made his way to south America to work for a friend of a friend. A cocaine trafficker. I didn't know he had the operation so when I walked back in this room it's obvious there's 30, 40 workers. They're stuffing little bags full of white powder. Felt like if he could make money this way, that money could eventually be used to pay back some of the people he defrauded. Reporter: Bethea says price told him back in the states he learned to make fake I.D.S using as many as six false names. I was a fugitive. I wasn't going to tell anybody my name. How was the reward? It was only $20,000. He would veer from this sort of woe is me, you know, desperation and sadness to the sort of attempts at humor. Reporter: Bethea says price told him there was relief when the law finally caught up with him. I remember saying, lord, where are you and I looked up and there were blue lights mind me. Thanks, lord. That's where you are. Overnight from his jail cell he gave a written statement to ABC news which says "Recent articles about I Charles Bethea have been malicious and mean-spirited and took stories out of context. My main concern as it has always been helping former clients achieve full restitution. Before the sirens said he was saying god, where are you and then that happened so -- Going to south America with a cocaine dealer is helping them. That's the story.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Aubrey Lee Price left suicide notes to his family and friends after disappearing on a ferry in Key West.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24861029","title":"Banker Talks About Faking His Death","url":"/GMA/video/banker-talks-faking-death-24861029"}