Obama's Election Ritual, Romney Shows Off Doll

Lara Spencer has the latest in pop news that has people buzzing.
3:00 | 11/06/12

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Transcript for Obama's Election Ritual, Romney Shows Off Doll
Well, no shame in these "pop news" stories. Good morning, everybody. It is election day. We have a little political spin, starting at the top, with etsy, the handmade market, is getting into the spin. First, those are baracas, so the president supporters can shake what obama gave you. I like it. Or this picture of the president, with a lion and a light saber, just in case you need. If you are leaning republican, there's an oven mitt romney. Sam, you're easily impressed. Or a portrait that the artist describes as bark obama and kit romney. All those available right now on etsy. Most polls show the presidential race is going down to the wire. David letterman and his team did a little polling on their own based on the handling of the hurricane. Ey asked who deserves to be running our country? 30% went to president barack obama. 30% went to governor mitt romney. And 40% went to handsome weatherman sam champion. Hey. Our sam. As sam champion would say, just saying. Just saying. Look at you. Look at you. Sam champion for president. Just because sam was out of voting, it had no bearing. You're so quick to dial that phone. Your platform would be incredible. Also in "pop news" today, it turns out our moms were on to something telling us not to slouch. You always make fun of me. According to a new study out of san francisco state university, slouching makes you sad. Research shows a slouched body posture can lead to feelings of depression. And energy levels do increase by simply changing the body to an upright position. Also, now known, slouching has been linked to career problems. Those who walk slouched are perceived as not being vital. I'm going to sound like a nag. But sit up straight, champion. I'm sam champion and I'm running for president. Honestly. She is like upright, shoulders back, all the time. Because I knew for all those years it was vital. I'm a vital woman. And finally, the force may be with "star wars" fans who have dreamed of seeing han solo back in the millennium falcon. Harrison ford never really liked the role. Now, he's okayed another with script approval. Carrie fisher and mark hamil have signed on for the project in 2015. Why didn't he like that role? He said it wasn't a role that really moved him. In fact, in "return of the jedi" his character was supposed to be killed off. And he was down with it. But he wasn't killed off because han solo was the most popular action figure. Of all-time. I hate those billion-dollar iconic characters I have to play. Let's get the weather from

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{"id":17650734,"title":"Obama's Election Ritual, Romney Shows Off Doll","duration":"3:00","description":"Lara Spencer has the latest in pop news that has people buzzing.","url":"/GMA/video/barack-obamas-election-ritual-mitt-romney-shows-off-17650734","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}