Bear Attacks on the Rise

Hikers, hunters and nature lovers face increased sightings of the animal.
2:27 | 08/18/13

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Transcript for Bear Attacks on the Rise
Alarming trend happening in America right now off frightening number of -- attacks hikers hunters and other nature lovers are finding themselves face to face with a hungry creatures who are preparing for hibernation. ABC's Lindsay Janice has this story. This morning and Alaska hunter is recovering after being brutally mauled by a brown bear. It all happened nearly 300 miles from civilization. It was an elaborate operation in an area so remote. Rescuers need to refuel their helicopter in midair just to get to him more than 36 hours after the attack. It's at least in the fifth that bear attack in the US in just three days. In Michigan twelve year old Abigail whether all was going for a jog late Thursday night when she too came face to face with the bear. -- -- -- A corner ever. Yard run in the war in the end she cannot -- -- him and got kicked out and and mere moments. You mark actions aren't -- why -- we -- credit -- This morning the hunt for that bear is on with officials scattering traps. They -- aggressively take care of this problem. So this -- does not. Do it again. And in Yellowstone National Park for hikers charged by a mother bear protecting her cubs. Even Yosemite is reporting a sharp increase in bearing counters up 64%. From last year. It's all happening because were approaching hibernation season and these hungry bears are trying to bulk up looking everywhere for a meal. Researchers at the Alaska department of fish and game a test a small camera around the neck of this brown bear. Watch as he scours trash cans just inches from backyards. And at this New Jersey home. My neighbors started screaming. The -- I opened my car door. To get back in the car he was right on that hill right -- that come and coming toward me. This morning we just got word that the hunter attacked in Alaska is in stable condition and the grandmother of that Michigan girl says. She gets out of the hospital today and planned to play soccer as soon as she can. Guys the majority of these attacks in recent days by normally -- black bears. An actor to young girls club you know minds. When they're told not to run away but to actually trying to scare into the -- make noise deafening noise I never have to deal was announced her pregnancy -- can't.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"Hikers, hunters and nature lovers face increased sightings of the animal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19993295","title":"Bear Attacks on the Rise","url":"/GMA/video/bear-attacks-rise-19993295"}