Organic Secrets to Healthy Skin

Elina Fedatova of Elina Organics brings her rose hip facials to "GMA LIVE."
5:37 | 04/09/14

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Transcript for Organic Secrets to Healthy Skin
The cleanup and Leno are getting well hello. -- amazing Kalamazoo Michigan but with all types of things in Chicago so I mean there is to cover environmental things -- -- this is her skin Caroline's. Are all organic. Tenants by train -- and and that's pushing what's educated to do and she makes all of us and basically put berries on your face -- what I would say yes I didn't. Yeah I grew due products is right here but I -- attempting to talk about -- contingent home. And after this exhausting don't mean to her when this team -- -- -- -- -- and you'll see it's. In the immediate needs for health and -- -- entries -- -- have had never really isn't it C yes but it didn't eat. From those -- in you -- -- kittens -- you -- estimates of popular source of vitamin. She will show you what we can there was -- -- yet -- your -- and used it smells nice you can argue vivid essential oil -- And I would like to show you what we can do list of those hips. -- that by the way -- don't you tell I have tonight we are. Heavily hit so -- you not like your mask toxic okay. I was -- kids and it'll go about it you could see why didn't he keep his post you just put. It's a could be the reason for fruits of proposes -- -- -- -- -- up there goes ahead and die may. Isn't -- keeps -- it is so big it's a high concentration of vitamin C source -- holds -- hit it full -- and you can't and that. How to leak this to see them in the supplements pixels chocolate -- And if they have -- popular contradict him bet that Katzenberg to keep -- -- couldn't. Can you yeah. And find -- funny you and then this you can weekly you can do -- -- you can do you own officials put up by just -- a little bit of -- -- -- don't. Brian growth -- -- gives a -- to IUI offense yet and I couldn't. -- couldn't organic sugar -- -- acts themselves ten this is there actually screw up to an extent I don't need to hear an island NY yeah us you can keep -- it but I want you to try and -- and point one you want it wouldn't want you want he had. In -- did you and then additionally you look at does to you buddy you -- -- For just do it like. Weekly -- like yeah. Yeah yeah did. Still the master of school it's just not and it brought you can do it all over the but it I -- and I didn't -- -- and -- -- click I can't. In Louisiana -- yeah as the surly be so blind you YE a hand in the end of the week and yet Steele in hope you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- mask. Because he asks it's just -- -- Through rose six -- don't. We've just been posted -- because -- -- advise him you know his -- going and then just. But -- and -- Yes it just means well off and then new. And haven't -- with -- but I -- -- convinced her. The hotel isn't the agenda and we want they're a married woman -- -- Didn't come now goes to this you know -- -- this is this. Sent him again and believe me this -- of this for you the more. Got a little pig men begin to -- Aaron thought that was only carrots but not no -- -- it's the end of both hips -- -- -- -- facility. Theories has seemed the amount of vitamin C like forty oranges -- -- -- -- -- It's it it's it means sellers or fewer. -- to vitamins and I suggest you to -- you've seen. Do you sit for different kind of -- -- man you can also make those straps of liberation usually include just more or Internet yeah and you can use those kids boy healed by that -- by itself he would like to see -- by itself it's kind of Orange -- pregnant did you -- -- stand if you don't several -- -- -- -- Almond oil any vegetable oil and Meeks was -- its huge empire rose six online you can buy -- and health -- alert. You can -- the -- idiot and you can actually make the most wonderful gifts. But he's got mixing it -- -- -- -- -- bottles over Venus on top in its I think it's held the in the at the gift of healthy beauty and that -- the best proof is how beautifully you will. -- -- you so I didn't if I -- not away. I won't give it away but at her age does not that beauty parlor are numbered doesn't match -- Really the sadness work impact. Let if we don't wanna make it accepts that could use your products he lean organic how we find him why he didn't do anything -- I'm I'm I'm. Dinner auction Leo -- certain that mighty assailants who came to products in New York seat seat and I would be great I love New York I'm seeing you love what you can also wonderful to be -- -- -- very much -- and great seeing you and me and if it's so funny alien and I had met her story. And then we lived in the same building and and now -- And you won't do well yeah. Men. Really see. Any thing you for being here in the rose at the rose -- everyone -- -- waking hour. He has exactly thank you sent him carrying the -- -- yeah this is Obama.

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{"id":23256350,"title":"Organic Secrets to Healthy Skin","duration":"5:37","description":"Elina Fedatova of Elina Organics brings her rose hip facials to \"GMA LIVE.\"","url":"/GMA/video/beauty-skincare-tips-organic-secrets-healthy-skin-23256350","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}