BeautyCon Comes to NYC

Video blogger Dulce Candy shares her tips and tricks for the perfect sun kissed look.
5:45 | 05/22/14

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Transcript for BeautyCon Comes to NYC
-- of the social square because we untouched beauty. As yearly event -- year. Speaking out but before leaving it over there I had a photo. Saying yesterday and they wanted to do -- natural. -- comfortable for me. He's leaving I'm I'm with you Larry love thing is I love Maine what I love a glam face and you need -- -- the right folks talking about that is from adults say an online -- -- -- -- that that people and this is kind of become a very big trend people giving their beauty tips. But you all are here to discuss. How this has become so they especially for adults say and also. Where we're going next like what that it ended in the -- -- we -- comic -- this is -- -- that's so who wants to start with let's talk about -- I'm sure. We're here anywhere -- -- first annual consumer facing the -- thumb and we basically get together all the top. -- -- -- you -- is Tumblr sort of personality is an icon that weekend fans of brands involved to convince voters get to know really the sense to me you're the CEO -- -- triumph that was not as we -- we -- it is because this is like I'm not sure which one. And and that's about it truly is like any other con but now we're bringing it together mean it's not that popcorn and it's expanding into -- digital platform and -- fan -- so we're really excited and we just where. -- huge fans and advocates of the spades in the needed to be. The -- forever and get together and this report -- -- and don't think. Have over one point six million YouTube subscribers that's right -- massive number -- it's pretty basic did you ever think that. Beauty blogging making those videos would rise to this level. I never thought it would turn into what it is today I started -- as a -- -- -- I'm just so grateful that actually turn into a career if it's waking up every morning and doing what I love -- And -- it feels amazing you know it's a great opportunity -- -- -- I'm so excited to be here. That tells people can see if they subscribe to unit volume what will they have a lot -- to make its -- else let's spend less at how to get like the latest celebrity luck. A lot of step by step you know here tutorials. And also inspirational sentence that is a platform -- Inspire attic or else -- beautiful today on the celebrity -- you channeling today and and I just that I don't you know whatever I get comfortable with that thing yeah Monday. -- -- -- In a written middle Jonathan Burton and you -- going to help. Us to showcase this is just a few items from our gift bag for the event we have some -- -- from. Physicians formula some different eye shadows from next cosmetics. These are UConn officials sunglasses that we designed for the event and in just a compact from from -- Conference -- -- -- all of this when you've got to be yes and and I wanted to go ahead just in terms of Rodrigo summer's coming up people want to look like they'd been in the sun had been on the beach and get tips for -- or that the way to get it right yes because I think I need but -- anonymous. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- Yeah. And I -- that -- yankees fan I am not I'm glad that big beauty through Santa on the way to go I actually saw her living room earlier and I was like the plane might lots in my -- doesn't need to look good for -- of the may department -- and it really didn't really badly so Brian the money he could act. So that's. Let me question is how do you -- like the good runs there at the end blush look like I don't know wary of the browns are aware of the flush the Russian. T news yeah but I have -- stuff coming excel at this event OK so. This is my bronze at plus ray -- my blush -- Case and this is my bronze and MacBooks. -- -- every -- -- all you need is two different kinds of bronze in the floods and also the breakfast have a lot to do with it. On this one is that you know little bit more it's easier to did point out the. Colors so what I like to -- this is grabbed it. This buffer brash and inches of I don't hollow parts of your cheeks -- -- want to make it look like you know years. Like a shout out yet he also want to give your face -- -- national sun kissed look. -- -- -- -- -- Friday. Up my -- on the temples and then dragged me down there. The hollow -- to -- examine him and that flattened the breasts like oh I think that's going to happen happened. That -- the -- it failed to get Ellen yeah. Yeah yeah nevertheless. To stick with a bit of last and it disappointed to -- on the -- and I -- it to Wendy's to colors together -- it really likes -- -- -- this really. You know. Really thinks he does not want to know that first step with the bronze at almost the vikings to a number three yeah that we -- doing that's -- technique -- her -- gives -- the natural sun -- luck and time and I give myself an entire on the -- that yeah. I intend to do that you want -- I like the sun actually -- that you had won -- again these things like that -- don't know until looks like I'm in a letter to stop in the back up. And -- it is but can he do under the chin and all of that deputy Ron yeah. Yeah yeah. We can't just -- pounds you know down here in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're -- anything that's something that's fantastic yeah de Paris at -- we're behind you before we walked away at the Kennedy that we -- -- -- want -- And those that are out -- -- -- -- Saturday yelled at children's services yes and that's what we wouldn't get these get back yeah for every great reason to come who get help paying the extra money look great pulled. They waited out a hit all right.

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{"duration":"5:45","description":"Video blogger Dulce Candy shares her tips and tricks for the perfect sun kissed look.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23825210","title":"BeautyCon Comes to NYC","url":"/GMA/video/beautycon-nyc-23825210"}