Bergdahl Aftermath: Knocking on the Taliban's Door in Qatar

US soldier purportedly described torture in Taliban hands; Freed militants living in desert oasis.
2:38 | 06/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bergdahl Aftermath: Knocking on the Taliban's Door in Qatar
New details on Bowe bergdahl, the freed American soldier telling those treating him in Germany he was tortured by the Taliban. Bergdahl is also not speaking to his parents just yet and ABC's Brian Ross is in Qatar where he went looking for the five Taliban swapped for bergdahl's freedom. Brian. Reporter: Good morning, robin. While the merits of the deal are being hotly debated the men released from captivity because of it on both sides are facing decidedly different receptions. The five Taliban leaders greeted as heroes amidst luxury here in Qatar. While sergeant bergdahl is undergoing a much harder transition at a U.S. Military hospital in Germany. This morning, an official tells ABC news sergeant bergdahl is now describing cruel mistreatment while in the hands of the Taliban being kept in a cage in the dark for weeks at a time after he tried to escape. He is reported to be doing well physically but according to a senior U.S. Official he is still not pen tally prepared to talk with his mother and father, bob, who according to people who saw him this weekend has now shaved off the beard he grew while his waeld. It's a much different story for the five freed Taliban leaders. Now free in Doha, the capital of Qatar allowed to travel wherever they want in this place of conspicuous wealth and opulence. The government will provide the men and their extended families their own villas as they have already done for the Taliban with this headquarters compound in one of the city's most the government has told the Taliban not to talk with reporters and no one answered when we went to the door of their headquarters. Hello. ABC news. While the five Taliban leaders have been kept hidden from public view since their arrival one week ago, congressional critics worry there are no restrictions on their communications with other Taliban leaders. It allows them to prepare for what's next. That's going to be joining the fight. Reporter: But secretary of state John Kerry told CNN the five Taliban would face grave consequences if they rejoined the fight. Don't think anybody should doubt the cacit of the united Americans. Reporter: The 4-year-old emir who rules this country has promised U.S. His government will close eye on the five leaders Ty here. A Rece state department report on Te highly crcalof Qatar and its monitoring terror fund-raisers, raisin questions out this count can George.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"US soldier purportedly described torture in Taliban hands; Freed militants living in desert oasis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24053294","title":"Bergdahl Aftermath: Knocking on the Taliban's Door in Qatar","url":"/GMA/video/bergdahl-aftermath-knocking-talibans-door-qatar-24053294"}