The best beauty buys of 2018

Beauty expert Jane Buckingham shares tips on how to revamp your look with what she predicts will be the hottest makeup trends in the new year.
2:50 | 01/01/18

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Transcript for The best beauty buys of 2018
We are here with Jane bucking and the CEO of trend Darren who is breaking down. The best beauty buys for the new year happy new year and here indeed I had to get a new luck yes we're gonna start with foundation because we used only have a few colors to choose from yes yes and now make up companies are realizing that they need to have a color for every collar. Sounds and just your typical five day you can go to. Brands like Centene neighborliness and get forty different shades or I'm used to mix their own have to find the project one and I can really. Realize that there is a perfect shape for I love that all of these options are good and now of course people are. Getting ready to go out it's sent. Different look at the very glamorous era over here adding that well if you know that here is going back to being the late eighties and make it is going forward to the feature that could be galaxy left him in its current uncle litter it's going to be on your eye on your cheeks on your lips like you and yes and Gigi had dean Kendall Jan Erik I think they've all shown us on that this is something anything to. Any tenant they're all out there doing it. And you can go really wild or you can kind of tame it down I during the time that here's some more toned down version and I mean I think this is a great let's give glitter on the lips when she would think would be really dramatic but it's actually not a team that's kind of fun especially for going on the evening briefing just on the cheeks and me I can't make doesn't just need to make you look pretty. You can sort of express yourself as acting insane just like her Nelson exactly all right and then television and in this should be exciting ride this and the hair looks like about the trend the 2018. Well you know in 2017. And it's all about the allowed everyone went story and it's very second she and they'll be eighteen when he is calm now I feel like everything. He's going back to the eighties money 300 and so Wynonna I love that I pray that when it. Okay. He did this is this or to actually tobacco luck in you can do it it's a lot of the mod it's a lot at inserted gel. But it's fun along hair or short hair and justice at a sky relations Lee. And then we've also got started beefing milling Griffith in working girl name being Carl could be bad term but now with unpaid loans now that an agenda that's more and more pleasant and announced Monica back there fight you're gonna have to break out a lot of hairspray again entered a little more structured a little more fun. Come 2017 with little more casual and mrs. Obama more you know I can give my daughter hair tips on what I did like lots of moose member of the Reeve hairspray levels. It's easy back combing that may help the way yeah that didn't come back. We try yeah I can guarantee this little Angel and I applaud does not come back and added that trend that should ever resurface hour and a half and I. While we appreciate you joining us this morning Jane thank you so much. It.

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{"id":52081304,"title":"The best beauty buys of 2018","duration":"2:50","description":"Beauty expert Jane Buckingham shares tips on how to revamp your look with what she predicts will be the hottest makeup trends in the new year. ","url":"/GMA/video/best-beauty-buys-2018-52081304","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}