'Best Man' Allegedly Killed Political Strategist

Jonathan Broyhill is awaiting murder charges in the stabbing death of Jamie Hahn.
2:41 | 04/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Best Man' Allegedly Killed Political Strategist
We're going to turn, now, to this bizarre crime story and shocking death of a political strategist in north carolina. A prominent family caught up in a murder mystery. And police are scrambling for a motive. Abc's rob nelson here with the latest on a very grisly case, rob. Reporter: Grisly and heartbreaking. Good morning, guys. It's a crime that's shocked residents in raleigh, north carolina. A suspect who was the best man in a couple's wedding, now accused of murdering the bride. The moments after a dramatic stabbing, caught on a call to 911. This morning, police say jonathan went from best man to killer of the bride. Somebody stabbed her. And she's bleeding. Reporter: Roy hill is recovering from what police are calling self-inflicted wounds. And also awaiting murder charges for allegedly stabbing 29-year-old jamie hawn to death, inside her raleigh home on monday. And wounding her husband, 27-year-old, nation. The person is still in the house. And we need the police as soon as possible. Reporter: More shocking than the violence is, by all accounts, the three were very close friends. Broill acting as best man in the couple's wedding. I've seen him on many occasions. He was part of the family. That's how much time he spent at the house. Reporter: This monday's dinner turned deadly. What's your name? Jon broyhill. Reporter: The hahns were a politically-active couple. Jamie working a fund-raising firm where broyhill worked. Brad miller was one of the firm's clients. Broyhill was under mounting suspicion for campaign funds. Jamie was part of our campaign. She was having more aggressive questions. More insistent questions of jon. Reporter: This morning, police are not commenting on a potential motive for the stabbing. But investigators tell abc news, it was not a domestic incident. We're grief-stricken. Our hearts are broken. What do you want to make some kind of sense out of this? Reporter: According to the hahn's pastor, broyhill had been asking for donations to help with his battle with pancreatic cancer. A disease police allege he never had. What is real, the loss felt by jamie's husband, who tweeted wednesday, she was my center. My rock. And my soul mate. The investigation into the missing campaign funds is ongoing. And police will soon formally upgrade the charges against broyhill, from attempted murder to murder. Meanwhile, jamie hahn will be buried tomorrow.

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{"id":19048926,"title":"'Best Man' Allegedly Killed Political Strategist","duration":"2:41","description":"Jonathan Broyhill is awaiting murder charges in the stabbing death of Jamie Hahn.","url":"/GMA/video/best-man-suspected-murder-bride-jonathan-broyhill-awaits-19048926","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}