Which Bestselling Author Is a 'GMA' Super Fan?

Bestselling author Sarah Dessen's fandom on Twitter has grown into a full-fledged friendship with "GMA."
3:25 | 06/04/13

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Transcript for Which Bestselling Author Is a 'GMA' Super Fan?
Are there aren't really an exciting -- I think he's very confident. You can't do what do we have do we -- -- so Robert. -- you know she's joining us that we want to we want to start things off with a very special guest who won't. Actually came to all of us via Twitter she's want to let as -- you know our team came together we all jumped on the Twitter tweeting back and forth. We came to know I don't -- writings the other in the middle series deficit. And she is just fantastic. And also beat him show and she is she is a -- yeah. And she hasn't -- -- new book coming out the moon in more. By Sarah -- days ago and we got what I welcome welcome via Skype and boy we hope this works. Yeah okay. I. -- I want you know very very special. Robin Roberts sticking -- to join us and realize you don't have. I might be featured on -- it was a Sarah. Yeah you put your heart and soul into this what's it like when this day finally arrives. -- -- Like having a great. Currently on track that you back at the tower and -- Just they liked him. Yeah sir can I ask you mean how do you create your character certainly not their people that may -- you know. Comic characters in your books but that. -- -- -- -- -- Just that he bit fan and I can't back -- Let up totally Saint Louis -- just doesn't. You have the Sarah tell us a little bit about the book everything you have a huge following but people who are not hard not familiar with you wouldn't know a bit about what your books -- -- Why am I -- gotten down it's basically -- well enough. I've mostly girls read my I hate and I know I have some -- -- -- they get -- covers. Isn't it Carolina outlining the isn't a small beach town and it's this summer -- of where she's about adopting college and she had her whole life laid out she's blaming her boyfriend employment -- -- school. And then what happens in my text everything changes. Some of this summer and everything changes. You know it. If we have so enjoyed getting to know you -- on Twitter and I think back I -- you know that. You treated us that you got here I believe hobby to have -- eight meeting with your agent and that you're gonna have your sign and we -- You know frankly why not say you you became our friend as we became friends and so they you know I just want I want you to know. How much you mean to us and how lovely it is that -- that people are like you are out there who enjoy what we do and we want to know how much we enjoy what you do and how it's so wonderful. The -- yeah. -- Sarah we wish you all the fast I can't wait to dig into this book -- and myself I know my producer asked for a copy everybody's -- guy and I got a lot of -- I don't mind yeah it covers yeah. Hey everybody again it is the moon and more -- -- and why now deadlocked early --

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Bestselling author Sarah Dessen's fandom on Twitter has grown into a full-fledged friendship with \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19323628","title":"Which Bestselling Author Is a 'GMA' Super Fan?","url":"/GMA/video/bestselling-author-gma-super-fan-19323628"}