The Bewitching Meryl Streep Takes Us 'Into the Woods'

The acclaimed actress talks about her latest musical film and her presidential fan.
5:11 | 12/02/14

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Transcript for The Bewitching Meryl Streep Takes Us 'Into the Woods'
We are so lucky to have Meryl Streep with us today. She's starring at the witch in the new film of Steven sound him's classic musical, into the woods. Here she is bringing the bakers into her web with a promise. ? You wish to have the curse reversed ? I'll need a certain potion first. Bring me back, one, the cow as white as milk. Two, the cape, as red as blood. Three, the hair as yellow as corn. Four, the slipper as pure as gold. Bring me these before the chime of midnight in three days time. Tis then the blue moon reappears which comes but once each hundred years. Bring them. And I guarantee a child as perfect as child can be. Go to the wood. And here she reappears right now. Meryl Streep. So, blue hair was freaking you out there watching it. The hair was pretty. Everything was really pretty. It was pretty. Now I had read that you turned down roles like this in the past. But decided to really grab this one. Why? Well, I had turned down witch roles because I had -- when I turned 40, in one year I got three offers to play three different witches. Didn't hit you right. It didn't. It didn't feel good. And also I just don't like the trope of witches. I think it's -- politically, I don't like it. It's demonization of women. But this is a different kind of witch. Well, yeah. This is a -- a force who sets in motion a series of stories and -- and events. And this is Steven sondheim. This is great music and a fantastic cast and a magical setting. He paid you a great compliment. He said you have the ability to find colors in a lyric. Never sounded the same way twice. That's really good. That could mean it was off-pitch. I don't think that's what he meant. And Emily blunt has been giving interviews. You tormented her in the devil wears Prada and here a bit. She wants you to play the dress maker the next film together. Her dress maker. Suing tiny clothes. I guess so. Is this true she saved your life on the set? Yes. Yes. It's sort of true. It's a story that James is making who's -- The baker, yeah. Emily's husband in the film. He's been telling this story. But actually -- actually it was rob Marshall who ran over and saved my life in many scenes. He's the director. That is good to hear. We have a lot of questions coming in on social media. One from Michelle Matthews, she wants to know, any character you feel you cannot play? You pull off every person you portray with such ease. Well, I've only played one man. Only once. Yeah. So that might be fun. I don't know. I don't think about things that way. I think about stories. And it's the story that pulls me. And if I feel something in me that responds to a character's dilem dilemma, if I feel like a little -- like a bell rings. And I say that feels like me. And so there's some part of me that responds to it. You can find it. You had a great honor last month. President Obama gave you the medal of freedom. We want to show just a bit of that. I've said it publicly, I love Meryl Streep. I love her. Her husband knows I love her. Michelle knows I love her. Nothing either of them can do about it. Ready to run away there. That must have been a great moment. Yeah. That signal I was making was to Michelle. I was saying -- We're okay. Yeah, we're okay. You know, the two of us. But, no, it was -- it was a great, great honor just to be in the company of the other medal of freedom winners and I -- when I heard about it, I did try to talk him out of it. No. Yes, yes, yes. Yes. You know, because I feel like I haven't done, really, anything worthy of that kind of honor. But I -- now I'm sort of going to concentrate on trying to earn it after the fact. I think you've already done it. We're glad the president gave it to you. Congratulations. "Into the woods" opens Christmas day.

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{"id":27301876,"title":"The Bewitching Meryl Streep Takes Us 'Into the Woods'","duration":"5:11","description":"The acclaimed actress talks about her latest musical film and her presidential fan.","url":"/GMA/video/bewitching-meryl-streep-takes-us-woods-27301876","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}