Beyonce to star in 'Lion King' remake

The music star will play the role of Nala in Disney's live-action musical remake of "The Lion King."
1:44 | 11/02/17

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Transcript for Beyonce to star in 'Lion King' remake
??? hakuna matata ??? Too much going on around here. I know. They're playing it. Yep. Back now with the big casting news, Disney announcing the stars of the live action version of "The lion king." Who will stand tall on pride rock? That is the big question and Lara is here with all the answers, Lara, we hear queen will be playing the queen. Well done, Michael. This is big. Like capital "B" as in Beyonce, big, Disney announcing that queen bey herself will be part of the cast of this live action reboot of the 1994 classic. She will appropriately be playing nala, simba's childhood pal who becomes his wife and queen as you said, Michael and Donald glover who has become such a force with his show "Atlanta" winning award after award will play simba. Can you hear the hit tonight with these two incredible talents on board. There's some other great stars taking on some fan favorite roles here. Absolutely but, wait, there's more. So Billy Eichner and Seth rogen are bringing the funny, Seth actually tweeting out the phrase hakuna matata with a photo of the entire cast that includes the one, the only James Earl Jones who is irreplaceable which is why he's back in his role as mufasa from the original and keegan-michael -- Did I say it right. Yes, he's in it. The list goes on, you guys. This is going to be fantastic. Look for it in theaters July 19th, 2019. So we have time to talk about it. A lot of time to talk about it. There's only one mufasa as you said, only one. I'm excited and just want to hold up a baby lion. This is great. My favorite. We'll be right back. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"1:44","description":"The music star will play the role of Nala in Disney's live-action musical remake of \"The Lion King.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50880609","title":"Beyonce to star in 'Lion King' remake","url":"/GMA/video/beyonce-star-lion-king-remake-50880609"}