Beyonce's Much-Anticipated 'Platinum' Album Lands in Stores, Spotify

ABC News' Ryan Smith has the latest in the "Pop News" midday buzz.
3:20 | 11/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Beyonce's Much-Anticipated 'Platinum' Album Lands in Stores, Spotify
Good afternoon Brian Smith and hear the top five stories buzzing online right now. Number five beyoncé is getting a week off to a great start but they're much anticipated platinum edition of her album landing in stores and online just a few hours ago. And as with all things queen bee it's a big deal with two brand new songs including this 1711. What she released this bond homemade video over the weekend thirty clocked up more than twenty million hits on YouTube. Fans can also stream entire thing on Spotify. All hail the queen. It's coming in at number four and trending big time on FaceBook the teaser trailer for Jurassic world here it is sending fans into a total meltdown. Chris Pratt leads the fourth installment in the franchise. And he doesn't disappoint. Welcoming us all back to Jurassic Park along with Bryce Dallas Howard of course there a dormant co stars. The full trailer arrives at Thanksgiving present this Thursday bring back those guns. We've got to get a number three Perot is back in fashion with a brand new project the season teaming up or do what with British supermodel Carol Bellamy. The pair of star and sitting in a new film created by Chanel Karl Lagerfeld which will be shown at the fashion brands Paris opera chilly December. Here's a sneak peek. Did admiral Bironas. So there's no sign of paroles mountain had just yet but. Can only live to home. An average of upstart Miley Cyrus turned 22 this weekend and he celebrated the birthday in true Miley style. Renting out the factory nightclub and a leg with her new boyfriend. Patrick Schwarzenegger by her side. Wrecking ball single which sort of stand out in her lime green hot -- get up when she proudly sported while posing with her pepperoni pizza shaped cake. Which is making so hungry for pizza right now. Miley paid homage to another case he's had to take a look at this is the Grammy this adorable throwback photo from a Pat's birthday with a caption her up. He's just being mildly. They've got to get a number one you'll have a rough time not enjoying this video of puppies to get Ralph. But dressed as Disney characters take a look. But just wanted to be a part of aerials world under the sea. And he can't get enough of these playful puppies recreating favorite scenes from. Frozen at Aladdin The Little Mermaid pirates of the Caribbean Winnie the flu and of course tangled gotta love that hair flip right there. We can't we have our friends that 00 my did need to thank for that ought durable collection. Oh and coming in just now director JJ Abrams. Tweeting this photo this afternoon teasing his upcoming 88 seconds Star Wars the force awakens trailer which they use and select theaters this Friday. May the force be where. Those lucky moviegoers. All right he's sure to turn of the DNA for more pop news tomorrow for ABC news I'm Ryan for the New York. At a rate.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"ABC News' Ryan Smith has the latest in the \"Pop News\" midday buzz.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27145010","title":"Beyonce's Much-Anticipated 'Platinum' Album Lands in Stores, Spotify","url":"/GMA/video/beyonces-anticipated-platinum-album-lands-stores-spotify-27145010"}