Big Mega Millions Jackpot Has Worst Odds

The odds of winning the $585 million jackpot are the worst of any U.S. lottery.
3:00 | 12/17/13

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Transcript for Big Mega Millions Jackpot Has Worst Odds
Let's get right to the big drawing tonight. A few thousand dollar less. There's the countdown clock on what that winning lottery ticket could mean. So nice to think about. There you see a rolls-royce, coupe right in front of our studio. If you were to win, you could customize it with a shoe drawer or a jewelry drawer in the glove box. And santa is here. By our own lottery machine, in the studio. Santa, I know, there's a lot to laugh about. And we'll be giving you all of the details on lottery fever. The prospects make you feel all warm and fuzzy. But let's not forget it's better to give than to receive. Let's say the person who is given the mega millions ticket is extra generous. They could give a dollar to 313 million people in the united states and still have $3 million left over. From new york city -- next, please. Reporter: To hawthorne, california. Here's the winning ticket. Reporter: It's a mega millions frenzy, for a $586 million jackpot. A number that could swell to more than $600 million in just a few hours. SINCE OCTOBER 1st, THERE HAVE Been 21-straight drawings without a winner. So, what are your odds of cashing in? 1 in 259 million, the worst of any american lottery ever. But that's not stopping people from playing. In fact, tickets are expected to sell at a rate of 11 million an hour in 43 states. Where can't you play the game? Nevada, utah, wyoming, mississippi, alabama, alaska and hawaii. And while 43 states are dreaming of a green christmas, people haven't forgotten, 'tis the season of giving. I would love to give it to people who need it. All around the world. Reporter: And with a $316 million cash option, it could certainly spread a lot of holiday cheer. You could feed 21,000 families of 4 every week for an entire year. Or how about sending 2,600 students to a private university for 4 years. And if you're not feeling particularly giving this season, and just want to get something for yourself, how about these forever diamonds, part of the debeers group of companies. You can afford all 16 pieces that we have here. Ladies, you have some, as well. You can afford the 158-times over. That's good. It's a little heavy. But I'd take it. Yeah. I can't get this on. But I will. I will. It does fit. You all run away with the jewels. Do I have to give this back? Just happen to leave. And just happen to have a

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The odds of winning the $585 million jackpot are the worst of any U.S. lottery.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21243540","title":"Big Mega Millions Jackpot Has Worst Odds ","url":"/GMA/video/big-mega-millions-jackpot-worst-odds-21243540"}